Writing goals – Yes, you need them

As you work on your writing projects, you must have goals in mind whether it be publishing, or just to have fun with writing. I have my own goals that keep in the back of my head as I work on my project. My goals include to be published and to have a group of readers that want to read my novel(s).

Granted, when I started to write my novel, The Raven Prophecy, publishing was not one of the first. The first goal was to write the story, but as I started to jot down the ideas and I started writing that first chapter then that’s when I said I could have this book published and that is what I’m working towards. But I’m still working on that first goal of writing the story and then it will to edit it, and then do a re-write, edit that and then hopefully (fingers crossed) publish my novel.

I also have had other goals that have come to find, based on information that I have gathered and found about being a writer. Some of these goals include: starting a website, starting my publishing company, third fiding readers, and fourth marketing my book/myself as an author. But all in all when you write you must have goals, and every project has a purpose, whether it is to be published or to be tucked in a folder somewhere collecting dust. Whatever, it is you must be flexible and face that not all everything that you write might be publishable.

It’s like we have a saying in the alpaca world, “Not every alpaca is a show animal but they have their purpose, and not every fleece is a show fleece or a fleece that is going to be turned into yarn. But it does have its purpose.”

The same is true for every piece that you write. If you liked tonight’s post, and want to know more, comment or send a notification that you want to make contact.

Until next time, Good night!

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