Work in progress…finding the audience

Last time, I was on here I announced that I have setup a Facebook page for Faerie Rose Press, and now I’m pleased to annouced that I have just created my twitter handle. Yes, I’m officially on Twitter. If you would like to follow me on twitter the handle for the press is: FaerieRPress.

Also as I stated before, the reason why I’m setting up the various social media platforms is so that I can work on the marketing aspect of running a business.

As writers, your main business is to write stories, whether it be fiction or nonfiction, and at the same time try to gain readers. Gaining readers is part of the business of writing, since readers are our primary audience for our message.

Yes, there are all sorts of readers, who have their own interests in what they like to read, such as romance readers don’t necessarily like to read fantasy or maybe they do. No matter what genere you chose to write, the readers of those genres know their genre and have come to expect certain things when they read books in those genres. They also are interested in certain things.

As new writers, our business is to try to convince readers of certain genres to read our work, and judge it against other the works of authors that they have come to know. One way that we can do this is by putting yourself out there, and one way that you do that is by marketing, and marketing what you do and what your business does, and if they like what you have written they will follow you in everything that you do.

Yes, I’m taking a giant leap in setting up the business, Faerie Rose Press, but someday I want to be a full time writer and one way that I see myself doing that is by putting myself out there. But when you try anything new there is a risk, and sometimes the risk is worth taking. However, if you don’t want to take the risk then it is not worth starting something new and then you don’t have the potential to find those readers that want to read what you have to say.

If you like what I have said, then like and comment down below. Find me on Facebook or on Twitter. Until next time, thank you!

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