Update on Ravages of Time -#1

So lately I’ve been working on my second draft of my novel, Ravages of Time, and I thought that I would give you a quick update. So far I have created all the front matter for the book, which includes two title pages, a copyright page, a dedication page and something that sort of works for the story that the novel tells, this is a definition.

For the body of the novel, I’m currently working on chapter 8 out of 42. I know that you think that is a lot of chapters, but they are for the most part short chapters. However, as I have gone back and looked over it, I also have a couple of long chapters too. As far as word count goes, I currently have over 7100 words written (that is without all the front matter text).

That is the quick update on Ravages of Time, which I have mentioned before will be published under Faerie Rose Press’s division Elderwood Publications. So if you are keeping checked on things, I have a front covered that I designed, the front matter of the book, and now I’m working on the body. I still have some more work to do but I will keep you to date on how the novel is progressing along. This maybe what I put up on here on Wednesdays as a weekly check of how I’m doing from week to week.

That is all I have for you tonight, if you like to hear more about my progress keep tuned in and like or comment with any questions that you have.


I’m Beyond Words Right Now

Good evening and happy Saturday! So tonight, before I came on here I was on Facebook and I have some awesome news to share. Since publishing the page for Faerie Rose Press, and updating it regularly, I have received 25 likes and I now have 23 followers! This is just so awesome to have right now! I can’t even express it into words. Although, I’m so happy right now.

Also other updates on my Saturday evening, I continue to work on Ravages of Time, and I have started working on my Facebook author page and it is now out there for every one to see. The page is under Tiffany M Dew.

So when you are a writer and you want to get yourself out there on social media, you will need to create at some point an author page. This is for one that you are separate from your person page or your business page, and for two so that your readers can find you. So I have done that tonight, and it like everything else will be a work in progress. But I am happy with the progress that I am making on my business and with the direction that I’m currently headed in.

But as of right now, this website is still going to be the base for everything, so that you don’t have to click or have to follow two different websites maybe in the future that will change, but as of right now things are staying on this page. I will be creating a new section on the website, which will be a gallary of the covers that I have designed. This will include the two for Ravages of Time, which I posted on here last night. It will also feature a couple of the designs that I did for the Raven Prophecy. But that is something that I want to show, is the covers that I have designed myself and see what others think.

So as far, I’m made way through Facebook, twitter, Youtube and this website. I’m also working my way through Instagram and once I figure that one out I will notify you with those details. Right now, I’m just thinking that when I started this adventure that I would never have this sort of followship that I have on Facebook or on this site for this matter. As always, even though I don’t say it enough, thank you for finding me and reading this every time that I post something, it really means alot. I also have a new update on this as well, I have someone from Austria that has found this site and checking it out as well. So far I have readers in the US, Asia, and Europe. This is just a little overwhelming but in a good way and I enjoy writing these posts and keeping you to date on what I have going on.

Thank you for I am beyond happy. If you like what you have read like, comment, and share. Thank you, again and have a good night.

It’s Fall you know what means…

Yes, we are in the fall season, which means the leaves are changing, Halloween is upon us and for us writers it is also when we start planning for Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). If you don’t know what Nanowrimo is about then, here is the quick two-minute blurb.

Nanowrimo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, takes place in the month of November, and as writers we try to write 50 thousand words for 30 days, which basically comes down to 1,667 words a day. But you have two choices during this time, and that is to work on a new writing project, which is what you are supposed to do, or you can be a total rebel and work on a project that you have already started.

To get ready for Nanowrimo, typically you start coming up with your ideas during the month of September , and then in the month of October is usually the month that you really start making your notes and jotting down your story ideas.

The first time that I heard about Nanowrimo, it was about three years ago when I went to the Castle Rock Writers Conference, and it peaked my curiosity so I went to the session on it and I was like I’ll give it a try. But of course after the conference and I was starting to take the plunge into Nanowrimo, I was like what am I going to write about. Well at the same time, my neighbor started having memory issues and she thought that her husband was alive and that one of her daughters was keeping them apart. It went on and on, and also during this time my father said something along the lines about ravages of time, and that is where the ideas started coming for my novel, Ravages of Time, and I went really out of my element and wrote the novel in multiple first person’s point of view, and I hardly write in first person. But I have enjoyed it, and have thought about getting it published or not publishing for that matter.

But now, I’m going back over it and working on self-publishing Ravages of Time under Elderwood Publications, which is a division of Faerie Rose Press. But back to Nanowrimo, I have done three camp sessions, which take place in April and July, and two Nanowrimos. My second year of doing Nanowrimo, I was doing a fan fiction of Hocus Pocus, and then last year I was working on the Raven Prophecy.

As for this year, I’m still coming up with ideas on a project that I should do. So as you might have guessed, I’m in the planning stages, and thinking of the different story lines that I could write about.

So while I’m working on coming up with a project for this year’s Nanowrimo, I have been working on Ravages of Time as I said and one of the first things that I did was work on my cover. My original cover was my first time working on my cover. So I have the old version of the cover and the latest cover design down below.

Also as we head into the fall season, the count down is also on for this year’s Castle Rock Writer’s Conference for that take place next month, which I’m so excited for.

So for the next while, on here as we gear up for Nanowrimo, I will posting tips and suggestions for those that have never tried Nanowrimo, or if you have and you need a few new ideas on how to tackle that writing project, I can post things that are always helpful as well.

I hope that this got you ready for the fall as a writer as you think about part taking in Nanowrimo. If you are I hope that you enjoy it and if that not that’s okay too. But you fall time is the start of projects for many of us as we start to get ready for the holidays. But let’s not rush the train yet and let’s enjoy the start of fall.

Elderwood Publications A new Entity

Hello! It’s been a while for sure. So I have some recent updates that I would like to share with you all. First and foremost, I have a writing space, and it looks awesome, granted it’s a work in progress but it has turned out so well. I will post some pictures of what it looks down below. So I have moved out of the living room and into a space that is all my own down in the basement of my parents home but it looks very nice.

Secondly, I created a division of Faerie Rose Press, called Elderwood Publications. You might be going, what? But let me explain, Faerie Rose Press was created by me solely for my work that I publish that is under the Fantasy Genre. Elderwood Publications is more for work that is going to be published in the other genres. It like most things with Faerie Rose Press is a work in progress but I feel excited to share this news with you all. So I will have updates on here about Faerie Rose Press as well as Elderwood Publications, but I will still be talking about writing and the business of writing. The creation of Elderwood Publications would allow me to create works and publish them that have nothing to do with the fantasy genre.

I’m not getting off of fantasy, but sometimes you feel the need to write stories that reflect the other genres and this is one of those decisions that I have made to further my writing career.

Also I have decided to work on publishing my novel, Ravages of Time, which I will be sitting down with and working on. Please, now that the Raven Prophecy is not dead in the water, it is still a work in progress and it will not be put back on the shelf and left there to rot. I just have projects now for both Faerie Rose Press and Elderwood Publications. Also Ravages of Time, might be published before the Raven Prophecy. But I will let you know and give you the details on that.

So those are the latest updates from me, on Faerie Rose Press and now Elderwood Publications.

Here are the pictures of my new writing space:



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Aspects about writing

As writers, we tend to think in terms of stories, characters, plots, twists, and words. Yes, the power of words are what we as writers take into careful consideration when we write. We feed on words like they are food. We need them to surive and to thrive in our daily lives. However, we need stories more than words. Although, that can be debated quite a bit about what we need more of, either its words, stories or both.

The interesting thing about being a writer, much like being a reader, is that you can explore new worlds and create images with the use of words. This is where word choice comes into our arsenal, and when we start to grow in terms of how we can express ourselves, as well as for our characters. One way that we can do this with our use of words.

Using words and how we use them is one of the greatest gifts that we as writers have. We also have been blessed with the gift of telling stories. So what drives us? The use of words? Or the gift of story telling?

I think that it is both, for without words we wouldn’t be able to tell stories. Sure, we could draw them out but it wouldn’t be the same without the use of words. Words gives us power and power gives us the drive to succeed and once we feel that we succeed then we have the feeling that we can take on the world.

Take on the world with your words and feel great doing it. Until next time, good night!

Blogging Guidence

Today, on one of the writer’s groups that I’m a member of on Facebook, someone wanted to know what you blog about and how you go about it. Here is the direct quote:

“I want to start blogging but I am afraid of my writing skills. Could anyone help me out, how to start with my writing?”

This question has come up a lot and the reason for that is that anymore when you are creating your website, either for your publishing company, your business, or your author website, some aspect of that website will be a blog. If you look at mine, I have pages with content, and it contains a blog which you see on the home page of my blog. Therefore, you really to think about how you want to start and what your content is going to be for your site.

If you are doing a site about writing, such as Faerie Rose Press, then you need to discuss writing, and so far that is what I have done. The other part about blogging is that you want to stay on topic. This means that you don’t want to write about other things such as politics, causes that appeal to you, or other things that interest you and not your reader. If you address in the opening of your site that you are going to talk about numerous things then your readers are going to expect that from you. But if you don’t claim this in the begging when you address what this site is about and you talk about something other than the topic that you stated that you were going to address, then you are going to lose not only readership but followers as well.

The other part in the question about the person, who asked, is afraid of their writing skills. Of course, this is a major point when it comes to writing a blog but it is the same concern that comes up when you are writing a story or a novel, or even a paper for a class. It takes practice and work to hone in on those skills. But most of all you need to find your voice and you have to enjoy doing it. If you don’t enjoy doing it then you really need to ask yourself why are you doing it. Writing should not be a chore it should be something that you enjoy like a hobby, and if you can’t say that it is a hobby then you need to look in the crystal ball or the mirror and ask yourself why are writing. If you look at yourself and you answer, “I don’t know,” or “I thought that it would be fun and then it turned out that it’s not,” then do yourself a favor and talk to someone before you go too deep into the rabbit hole, and you can’t get out.

The most important thing about blogging is that you need to think about what you can do for your reader more than you can for yourself. But also at the same use your blog as away to practice your writing skills even if it has nothing to do with the novel your writing, for this will give you the confidence to write that novel and anything else that you pursue in your writing life. I mean when I first attempted blogs, I was like I don’t know what I’m doing, but once I looked that ugly nonconfidence stick in the face, then I was like I can do this and I have really felt at home, if you would call it that, with this site and this blog. I can say that you will to, and it does take an effort but once you find what you are happy with writing about then you will get that confidence that you need to write that novel.

I hope that this information has been helpful and useful.

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New Year, New Month, New Beginnings

So on Monday I became another year old, and yes I became the big 3-0. Today is my mother’s 55th birthday, and tomorrow we start a new month. That means during this time of change, I am thinking a lot about new beginnings. In the past year, I started my business, Faerie Rose Press, and learning a lot about how to market my business as well as my product my book, The Raven Prophecy. Even though, it is a work in progress, the book is coming together.

On my birthday, I spent the day starting a new draft of the novel. Part of the morning, I worked on designing the first cover of my book. Then I formatted my document, and then I started the work of writing. While I have been working on this draft, one thing came to find, and that was that this is the year that I will put out my novel. I have the support of my family and friends, and that means the world to me right now.

But also I want to pass on what I have learned and what I know to all of you, my loyal readers. So during this time of new beginnings, I promise that I will work on creating new content either daily or on a weekly basis. I also promise that I will keep you updated on how my novel is coming. As well as, I will continue working on discussing the business of writing, the fantasy genre, and all the things are happening with Faerie Rose Press.

In my last post, I talked about how my life has been interfering with my writing but I have also been taking care of my alpaca herd and all that they are dealing with at this time. I can report that the alpacas are getting better, and even though, my mother and I are taking it day by day with the herd. But we feel that we are turning a corner in their health, which is an improvement from a week ago. So that is a huge positive for me right now. Granted, I’m not saying that because my herd is doing better that I’m not going to be monitoring them so that I work on my novel. What I am saying is that I’m working on the balance of taking care of the herd and working on my novel.

I’m feeling quite positive about things, and I hope to be getting back on track with things. So with that in mind here are my goals for the month of September. I’m hoping that my birthday present is coming soon, and that means that I will be working on creating a podcast channel. This is the latest move that I will be taking on, and yes, I am learning about how you create a podcast. I will also be doing more videos on Youtube, marketing on Twitter and Facebook. Everything is a work in progress as I have said from the beginning, but it’s all good. As long as I am learning and taking what I am learning and improving, that means that is where I can pass on knowledge to others that want to get into the writing business.

So I will leave you tonight with one thought: new beginnings can be great things while they are also scary. But this year I have goals and I want to keep on those goals and I want to do so much more in the coming year.

If you like what you have read, like, comment down below and I will let you know what is going on tomorrow night. Before I go I will let you see the current cover design for the Raven Prophecy.

The Raven Prophecy-new9-page-001 Continue reading “New Year, New Month, New Beginnings”