I’m Beyond Words Right Now

Good evening and happy Saturday! So tonight, before I came on here I was on Facebook and I have some awesome news to share. Since publishing the page for Faerie Rose Press, and updating it regularly, I have received 25 likes and I now have 23 followers! This is just so awesome to have right now! I can’t even express it into words. Although, I’m so happy right now.

Also other updates on my Saturday evening, I continue to work on Ravages of Time, and I have started working on my Facebook author page and it is now out there for every one to see. The page is under Tiffany M Dew.

So when you are a writer and you want to get yourself out there on social media, you will need to create at some point an author page. This is for one that you are separate from your person page or your business page, and for two so that your readers can find you. So I have done that tonight, and it like everything else will be a work in progress. But I am happy with the progress that I am making on my business and with the direction that I’m currently headed in.

But as of right now, this website is still going to be the base for everything, so that you don’t have to click or have to follow two different websites maybe in the future that will change, but as of right now things are staying on this page. I will be creating a new section on the website, which will be a gallary of the covers that I have designed. This will include the two for Ravages of Time, which I posted on here last night. It will also feature a couple of the designs that I did for the Raven Prophecy. But that is something that I want to show, is the covers that I have designed myself and see what others think.

So as far, I’m made way through Facebook, twitter, Youtube and this website. I’m also working my way through Instagram and once I figure that one out I will notify you with those details. Right now, I’m just thinking that when I started this adventure that I would never have this sort of followship that I have on Facebook or on this site for this matter. As always, even though I don’t say it enough, thank you for finding me and reading this every time that I post something, it really means alot. I also have a new update on this as well, I have someone from Austria that has found this site and checking it out as well. So far I have readers in the US, Asia, and Europe. This is just a little overwhelming but in a good way and I enjoy writing these posts and keeping you to date on what I have going on.

Thank you for I am beyond happy. If you like what you have read like, comment, and share. Thank you, again and have a good night.

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