Update on Ravages of Time -#1

So lately I’ve been working on my second draft of my novel, Ravages of Time, and I thought that I would give you a quick update. So far I have created all the front matter for the book, which includes two title pages, a copyright page, a dedication page and something that sort of works for the story that the novel tells, this is a definition.

For the body of the novel, I’m currently working on chapter 8 out of 42. I know that you think that is a lot of chapters, but they are for the most part short chapters. However, as I have gone back and looked over it, I also have a couple of long chapters too. As far as word count goes, I currently have over 7100 words written (that is without all the front matter text).

That is the quick update on Ravages of Time, which I have mentioned before will be published under Faerie Rose Press’s division Elderwood Publications. So if you are keeping checked on things, I have a front covered that I designed, the front matter of the book, and now I’m working on the body. I still have some more work to do but I will keep you to date on how the novel is progressing along. This maybe what I put up on here on Wednesdays as a weekly check of how I’m doing from week to week.

That is all I have for you tonight, if you like to hear more about my progress keep tuned in and like or comment with any questions that you have.


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