New Day…New Start…Rebirth

It’s a new day, and I am starting a new leaf on life. What does this mean for Faerie Rose Press? Well, it means good things are to come. It means that writing will be more of a focus in my life. Why do you ask?

I’m at a point in my life, where I want to do things my way. I want to work on my writing, and I want to help other writers with their writing as well. This means helping them get the confidence that they need or want in their writing. I want to see writers, at any level reach their full potential, if that is what they want. I also want to celebrate the craft and the art of the written word.

Well, this mean, a new division of Faerie Rose Press? Maybe, but it might also mean another outlet that I use to get my message out there, which right now is you want to write and see where it takes you, then go forth and do it. If you need help along the way, then I want to help. I want to put all I know out there and share it.

I know that most of us have heard that writing is a solitary life, but who says that is the way that it has to be. I think that it is time that we brace our work and come together to build the community of writers. I learned something recently about my home state of Colorado, which is that Colorado is ranked number 5 for having a community or population that are writers. This is awesome, but other places need to say bring forth the writers and help them with their craft.

One way that this can be done, is for writers to come out of the shadows and say I need information, I need help, and I need to mind that writing mentor that is that is going to help me, not stop me from what I want to work on. As I have said from the beginning on this blog, we as writers should not have to write to trends, for we should be able to write what we want to write about. This means totally finding your imaginationĀ and using the power of creativity to create and write the stories that we want to tell.

This is all good things, and there will be more things to come for Faerie Rose Press, and other projects that I want to work on for writing, which in turns will help others out there as well, that want to work on their craft. What does that in turn mean for you? It means stay tune and continue to explore the things that I have in mind, it will be a journey that will be fun and hopefully exciting.

This also means, that things will still be evolving and will be a work in progress. Speaking, of things evolving and being a work in progress, I started a new section on the website for short stories. I have already started putting up a few, and there are currently two. But that is a work in progress.

So if you like what, you have read, please, like or comment about anything that you have questions on about this. I can’t wait to start the journey to see where this is all going to go, and I hope you will too.

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