New Week…

It’s the start of a new week, and that means starting this week off right. I’m continuing to work on my nanowrimo project, and it is going to a good start. Yesturday, I did not write for I was moving all of the alpacas and llamas where I was currently boarding to their new home. Granted, I will still be boarding them, but they have more room to run and they seem happy where they are now.

On the writing aspect, today I hope will be a productive day, for I plan to work on both my nanowrimo project, as well as a bit more on Ravages of Time.

As we start this week of writing, let’s take a moment to think and reflect about how we can make things new in our writing. It can be how we think about a character, think about a scene that we have in mind. How can we make it fresh and interesting. One of the ways that I came across this is to either interview the character about what they have faced. How about thinking about what drives them and what happens when that drive that they have is taken from them? Think of Frodo and the ring. The drive was about saving the Shire, but when they thought of the Shire being destroyed that really compelled them to get the ring over to Modor so that it could be destroyed and the Shire would be saved. Also you can think of it as without the ring there was no drive or even thought that the Shire would need to be saving. Think about seeing stories in a new light, or in this case what really drives a character.

As we read, and write we should as writers think about how we can make stories new and fresh. But let alone think about how do we making ideas original and not re-done or cliche. I hope this gives you something to think about on your writing. If you like what you have read, please, like or comment down below.

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