Natural Writing

Yesturday, I talked about how writing can be magic and today I want to talk about natural writing. Natural writing is where you write without thinking. You think about it as free writing. When you write naturally, you just write while keeping that pen to the paper, or you just type away. It allows you to write continuously. So much of what we write is what we have planned or we think should happen to our characters or story.

But if you write naturally without trying to interfere, then you can get some amazing things to take place in your story. In away you think of this as also as being a pantser, where you are not plotting out what is going to happen. Rather, you let your story go where it might want to go. This can make editing either fun or hard depending on how your writing session goes when you naturally write.

You still might be paying attention to grammer, spelling, and other writing conventions and that is fine. However, you don’t want to think or intereffere as you write naturally. A great way, or tool, to write naturally on is find a writing prompt and just write. Don’t think about it, just write. You will be amazed what free writing can do for you.

If you write naturally and like what you wrote, then you again created magic. Now, I’m not saying that everything that you write might be magic or natural but you should give it a try. So much of today is about thinking, and having to make this perfect or that pefect. But if you don’t have to do that as much, your writing could be looked at as amazing. When that happens then you can say to yourself, “I did something pretty cool today!”

Writing should be natural, magical, amazing and any other word that you can use to describe your writing. But if you can find that then you will love what you write. However, if you make it to be a chore then you are not going to enjoy it as much. The bigger picture is that you should enjoy what you do and you should love what you write. If you can’t do that everyday then you need to ask yourself, “Why did I want this in the first case?” You can also write about that and get some focus or clarity back in your writing, which as writers is what we want. This is more about focusing on as writers and less about our readers. At some point, yes, we need to think about our readers, but for right now we need to think about what makes us as writers happy.

We as writers should be happy, because if we are not happy as writers then we do not want to write, create or even think naturally as writers.

I hope that you have found this helpful in your day as writers.

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