It’s Friday….

Happy Friday! It’s almost the middle of the month, before we know it the Holidays will be here, which means how do we as writers get in our writing time, between the parties, the gatherings and events that we have going on. The easiest advice that I can give, which is basically going back to that if you have 15 minutes to write do so. It’s all part of finding that balance.

Just like we have to the balance in eating all the food that comes across our plates this holiday, we also have to find balance get in our writing time. You might be going why give this advice now? The answer is why not? Any time before we get into the holidays is a good time to get this advice. I know the holidays are about being festive, and finding the joy and good will towards others.

The other part about the holidays is that you can carry that spirit into your writing as well. This is a good time, to watch those old holiday classics, or read some of the good old holiday classics. During this time of year, we should add some happiness and joy into what we write. This may seem sappy advice, but you always feel like your writing is sad and depressing and you want it to be up beat, bring in some of that holiday cheer.

I know I have been talking alot about magic, natural writing, but part of having that holiday cheer is feeling that there is magic all around. This is also where we as fantasy writers, go back to what we know about winter and stories. Think of Narnia in the Lion, the Witch and Wardobe, winter is what gives the White Witch her power. In the Dark is Rising, we are in winter at the start of the book, and darkness comes to play. If you’ve watched the film, Legend, winter is the season of darkness.

I’m not saying that we should be considering winter as dark and cold, even though it is, but we should consider winter as our fantasy season. This is the season where a lot takes place and it can also bring about those fantasy elements, for we get the pretty lights, the tinsel, the glitter, its a time where people create. Creating during this time of year, means backing, doing arts and crafts, but for us writers it a time for us to either write or to relax after doing NaNoWriMo. Either way, writing should be enjoyed during this time of year, and we should create just as much as everyone else so that we can enjoy creating the magic that is in our writing and that is the holiday season.

Thank you and have a happy Friday. If you have enjoyed this session on Faerie Rose Press, please, like down below.

4 thoughts on “It’s Friday….

    1. You too! It’s also good for many of us to write about writing, for there are so many different insights that new writers might not get from teachers or other traditional ways of writing. So for them to get different insight can be helpful.

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