The Start of a New Week…Heroes

It’s the start of a new week, and if you are counting the week’s until Christmas there are six, which also means that we start a new year in seven weeks. Not that I want to talk about the holidays again, this week I want to start a focus on character. The best character to talk about first is the hero of our story.

Heroes come in all shames and sizes and there are different types of heroes. There is the hero that we all route for, such as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games Series. As we study Katniss we first know that if she was put up against the wall that she will protect her sister this is clearly seen by her volunteering to take her sister’s place in the Hunger Games. She is also a hero that didn’t want to be idolized but she is put in the position by the actions that she took in the games. We know that her greatest enemy in the series is President Snow; however, in the last book Snow is replaced by President Coin, who is the President of District 13. Katniss from the second book and well into the third always said that she wanted to be the one to kill Snow. However, in a surprising twist of fate she kills Coin and the people finish off Snow, who was already dying from drinking poison over the years. Katniss is also the hero that we can see struggle with the defining moments of war, in other words she developes PTSD from her being part in the Hunger Games in the first book. The PTSD is clearly shown in the second and third books. Is she a hero that we feel sorry for? No, we feel that she is a strong hero for she wants the Hunger Games to end, and the only way that she could end them was to get rid of Snow and Coin. But really when we look at Katniss she is the hero that we route for in that we want to her to win the games in the first book, we want her to win in the second book, and we want to reach her end goal in the third book. You can also say that as we go on this journey with Katniss, we also want her to have her happy ending and we are happy to see her get it.

So as we read literature, we should look at all the different heroes or characters that we route for and why do we route for them? In the end we really want them to survive the story and get their happy ending in the end.

I hope that you have liked this first discussion on hero. Tomorrow, I will talk about the heroes that are of circumstance, which means that they did not choose what made them a hero.

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