Heroes that Lose Their Way

Being a hero is tough work, you have to save the world or the girl from peril and then you have your life outside of that to contend with. So it is easy to see how a hero could lose their way. Right? Well, it depends on the hero that you are looking at. Granted, you might look at the hero of today’s focus as a hero more as a villian but at one point he was the hero of the story and in the end he became a hero. Let’s look at Aniken Skywalker/Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Aniken had a lot to contend with, he was a slave then he was freed, taken from his mother, and trained as a jedi, where he wasn’t taken seriously. He also fall in love, which is a big jedi no-no, became friends with Senator Palpatine, his mother dies, he looses his arm, and then he is forced to do something that he didn’t feel was quite right which was to kill/disarm Count Dooku. Then he is on the verge of loosing his wife in childbirth. You could see where really everything is going against Aniken.

Furthermore, he chooses to save his friend Palpatine against attacks from the jedi, and for what so he can become Emporer Palpatine’s new apprentice in the sith as Darth Vader. Now I know what you are going to say, Darth Vader did terrible things. Yes, he did for he help destroyed the jedi, bring in the Empire and further more, rule the galaxy with an iron fist. However, with all of this going on there were two people. Let me repeat, there were two people that saw that there was still good in him. His wife and his son.

His son, Luke, was raised very much like his father except for he wasn’t a slave. Luke became a jedi and knew that after the first meeting with Vader that not only was he the son of him but he also lost his hand to him too. But in the end when Vader brings Luke before the Emperor, Luke goes against the Emporer saying that he will never go to the dark side. When the Emperor is going to kill Luke, Vader steps up and kills the Emperor. This shows that Aniken would do anything to save his family. So in the end Vader destroyed the Empire and saved the galaxy.

Granted, we have a new trilogy of films, and it’s clear that Vader has a fan boy. But fan boy don’t know fully what Vader to save Luke, and if he did I’m thinking that it would change his mind about being on the dark side.

So in the end Aniken had to go to the dark side in order to save the galaxy from the emperor, which means that he was the one to bring peace back to the force.

If you disagree with this analysis of Aniken/Darth Vader, please, bring your case forward, but it’s easy to see how he lost his way to save the ones that he love. You could bring up Frodo in this case also, for he was influenced by the ring made him lose his way, and he needed to destroy the ring to save not only himself but Golum as well.

Tomorrow, we will talk about anti-heroes. I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion on the Aniken.

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