The Dark Side of the Hero is the Anti-Hero

I know what you are thinking based on the title, we’re going to be talking about Aniken Skywalker again. Wrong, today’s example of the anti-hero is Angel from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. But first let’s define the anti-hero. Anti-heroes are heroes that are partly good but they also have a dark side. This dark side is what makes them bad. Other examples beside Angel are Batman, Catwoman, most of your superheroes.

When looking at Angel, his dark side comes from the fact that he is a vampire. Let’s define vampire, not the type from Twilight where they glitter in the sun; no, these vampires turn to dust when they make contact the with the sun. Angel not only is he a vampire, but he is a vampire that has been cursed with a soul. This soul is what makes him good and want him to make the world a better place.

However, his soul or attitudes can be changed which make him bad Angel and becomes Angelus. Angelus was the original name that he took on when he became a vampire and he was the most ruthless vampire in Europe. Granted, when he is Angelus he cares nothing for saving the world or man kind, all he cares about is being destruction. But as Angel he is the one who wants to stop the powers that be that will bring on the apocalypse.

One of the ways that he does this is by taking over the evil law firm of Wolfram and Heart, where he tries to change the ways of the firm. However, the more that he is running the firm, he knows that the only way that he take down the powers that be, is to become a member of an elite group known as the Circle of the Black Thorn. The only way that he could become a member was to kill one of his friends so that they would belive that he had turn. Furthermore, after he becomes a member of the Black Thorn to ensure that he gets what he really wants he has to sign away his humanity. But all the while he joins the Circle just find out who the agents are so that he can assassinate them. All in the end of same the world from the apocalypse that the powers that be wants to bring down on the world.

The best line that came from the series on heroes is:

Basically if you don’t care for the link basically, it’s that heroes don’t except the way that the world is, for they fight it. They fight it until they succeed.

I hope that you have liked today’s hero discussion on the anti-hero. Tomorrow, we will end our week-long series on heroes talking about the hero’s journey. Please, like or comment down below.

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