Hero’s Week is over (sadness)

We have come to the end of Heroe’s week. It has been fun talking about the different types of heroes that we face in literature. Now once we have our hero, what do we do to them? We put them on a journey of course. A hero must be on a journey, whether it be self discovery, saving a whole town from certain doom, whatever it is they must have a journey and a purpose.

The hero’s journey basically goes from everything is going fine, and then something changes. This change impacts the hero of the story, along with a few other characters, but the hero is the most impacted, and they want to make a change. Remember that quote from yesterday, “Heroes don’t except the way that the world is, for they fight it.” Well, that is true for heroes.

Let’s look at Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow, for he does not want to stay at Winterfell and just be looked down upon by his step-mother, for he wants to go to the wall, to server a higher purpose. Granted, after he gets to the wall, he has a hard time accepting how things are as far as how he is treated. Of course, he fights it but he also thinks that he is better than his other brothers at the wall.

Furthermore, when you look at the hero’s journey, there is that desire to flee, or deny the call. In Jon’s case, the he tries to flee after his father, Ed Stark, is killed at King’s Landing. Then again when his half-brother, Robb Stark, is killed. He also on his journey beyond the wall, starts to have a distrust of his brothers at the wall and what they stand for, and so he leaves his brothers for a short time, and joins the wildlings, but then goes back to the Night’s Watch, due to he had to save them from the impending fight against the wildlings.

Along the hero’s journey, the hero must face the big bad villain. In Game of Thrones the big bad is the Night King. Time and Time again, Jon has faced the Night King and the white walkers. His first encounter with the Night King came at Hardhome, when Jon is feeling Hardhome with a few of the wildlings and a few of his Night Watch brothers. During this first encounter, Jon witnesses the power that the Night King has to create white walkers from the dead. As a fan this was the first moment for me when I felt like “Oh crap! We’re screwed!” I will talk about my plan to survive the white walkers when we get towards the end of next season.

So we have seen the big bad, now what is next for the hero? Well, he is someone how taken down, to his lowest point. In Jon’s case, the low was when four of his fellow brothers in the Night Watch killed him, granted, he is brought back to life, but for the most part he is killed. It is after this that he leaves the Night’s Watch, and goes to become King of the North, after fight Ramsey Bolton. Yes, Ramsey is a villain, but he is not the big bad as the Night King. Ramsey is just a mere stepping stone on Jon’s way to reclaiming Winterfell. After he claims Winterfell, he tries to get allies to help in the battle that is to come against the Night King and the white walkers.

Along the way there is a revelation that comes for the hero, either the hero knows this or will find out, but the reader’s know this. In the case with Jon Snow, it’s that he is not Ed Stark’s son, for he is a Targaryen, which was once an important family in the world of Game of Thrones. But before this revelation, there is another battle with the big bad, and this time he get’s an important weapon on his side. A dragon, and not just any dragon, a makes a white-walker out of a dead dragon. Granted, at this point we are screwed for this dragon can fly and melt ice, furthermore, it gives the Night King a huge advantage over Jon.

In the climax/falling action of the story, Jon will have to gain some advantage or learn the weakness of the Night King, and when that happens the big bad will be going down. When that will be, who knows, but there will be some weakness that will be discovered and once it’s discovered, the final battle will be not only about strength but about knowledge as well. Then in the end, the survivors, such as our hero will live a happily ever after or however he chooses to live his life in Westeros.

I hope that you have liked today’s conclusion to Hero’s week. I hope you will come back, next week for an exciting installment on villains.

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