Welcome, back to another week here at Faerie Rose Press! Last week talked about heroes and this week, I know that I said that I would talk about villains; however, due to what this week being and recent events in the news, I think that I will spend today talking about villains, and then the rest of the week talk about some other subjects related to writing.

When looking at heroes, the complete opposite is the villain. Villains have the same goal as the hero, except for it is evil in nature. Let’s take Frodo and the ring, for example. Frodo wants to the destroy the ring to save the Shire and Middle Earth, where as Sauron and his evil, dark servants want to reclaim the ring so that Sauron can gain his power and destroy Middle Earth and the race of men. When you look at Jon Snow and the Night King, Jon Snow wants to save Westeros from the Night King and the white walkers, where as the Night King, who is fascinated with Jon Snow, still wants to create his arm of the dead and destroy everyone in Westeros. That is what has been shown to us so far in the book and the show, but so far we still don’t know fully what the Night King wants. But whatever that goal is needs to somehow be similar to Jon’s while being evil.

Villains want to not only stop the hero(es) of the story but they also have an evil plan in mind. They have been hurt in the past, and they want revenge for that hurt. The Night King was one of the first men, the children of the forest take him, tie him up to the tree and basically put something painful in his chest, and he becomes the Night King. Originally the white walkers, were supposed to protect the forest and the children from the first men; however, they turn against the children and the forest creating their path of destruction. When you look at Tom Riddle/Lord Voldemort, his hurt came from having a father, who abandoned not only him but his mother as well. He had a deep hate toward his father, who was a muggle. Furthermore, since he was a half-blood, much like Harry Potter, it seems that he would have wanted to perify the magical world from mud-bloods, who were those that no magical parents. Where as Harry Potter was a friend towards mud-bloods. The hurt of the abandonment for Voldemort was so deep rooted that he did not love, for he rather isolated himself, but he wanted to live forever. Unlike Harry, who accepted death.

When we talk about villains, they also have a weakness, and once this weakness is found out then the villain can be brought down. In Voldemort’s case it was after all the horcruxes had been destroyed that Voldemort could be finally be destroyed as well resulting in his death. In Sauron’s case it was when the ring was finally destroyed that he Mordor and all that remained of the evil lord’s soul was destroyed. Granted, we are still seeking out the Night King’s weakness, and once that is discovered then he too will be destroyed.

Villains are every interesting characters, in some cases I would say that they are more interesting than the heroes. Villains have a back story, which full explains how they became evil, this is where the hurt comes to play, they have a weakness, and that weakness can be shown how they can be destroyed. Furthermore, villains in some cases show up later in stories, as either a big bad or they are hinted throughout the story. Villains in some cases can be cool.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s discussion on villains. If you like what I have written, please, like or comment down below.

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