Getting to know your Genres

I thought today, that I would switch gears from talking about character to genre. In any genre that you choose to write, you will have characters, but there are certain elements in each genre that your story must have.

In Fantasy, you must have mystical creatures, magic, witches and wizards, and the like in your story. In Sci-Fiction you must have elements of the future and some scientific know-how in your story that is either advanced or a new discovery in the future. Historical fiction must be set in the past and in a historical time period and must contain elements of that time period (a good example of this is The Book Thief). Romance must have a two characters that fall in love, and at the end of the story they must have a happy ending. In Horror there must be dark elements this is also the same with thriller. Mystery there must be a murder and the mystery should be solved towards the last page.

Now granted many of the genres listed above also have sub-genres, such as Paranormal Romace. Paranormal Romance have romance that have vampires as the characters or angels. There is also historical romance, where romance takes place in a time period in the past. There are so many out there to choose from but the main point is that you should know your main and sub-genres.

If you don’t know your genres very well, then you are going to have a hard time finding readers for your stories. Readers typically like to buy or read certain genres. I heard someone once say to know your genre is to know your reader. The same with books goes for movies too and in some cases television shows as well.

It also helps to know what is trending in your genre, but please, note that we should not writing towards those trends, but understand them so that we can modify those trends to what we want to write. As I have said before, we are writers, we are creators and we should not be made to write to trends. If we write to trends how much fun is going to be create new worlds or stories. We should trends more as suggestions but not necessarily as a master key. Trend writing can sort of get boring, for everyone will be writing the same story and there will be hundreds of the same story on the shelfs of bookstores.

We should own our work and work each day to add new things to our genres so that our genres can grow and when a genre grows we find more readers.

I hope that you have enjoyed today’s topic.

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