The Plague that is Writer’s Block

Yes, there is a plague that every writer must face in some way and that plague has only one name: Writer’s Block. Writer’s Block happens when a writer is writing and a block, a dry spell, or some force enters that disrupts our writing. Writer’s Block can last days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years. We as writers hate the block, for it makes us feel that we are not worthy to writer or to even create. It can make us depressed, or even angry. It’s almost like we have to fight it and work hard to get back to writing.

There are many times that I have faced the dreaded plague, and I’ve heard all the usual cures for it, such as keep on writing, read, go for a walk, go find inspiration, ect. I’ve heard that these cures can help, but to a writer they can be somewhat helpful but not exactly the best cure. Take writing for example, when you have Writer’s Block and you’re writing, and you read what you wrote, you hear that voice that says that this is bad writing, or how could I write this? or that I shouldn’t have even bothered writing this. True, you should be writing, but sometimes when you write during your dry spell, you feel that something is really wrong about your writing.

You face the world of doubt, depression, you get angry, (as I’m writing this it sounds like I’m talking about alcoholism, but it’s true). We sort of have to rework ourselves into writing, and that takes time. Time, which we start to feel can be used for other things, such as picking up a new hobby, or reading a new book, just something other than writing.

But after sometime, when we feel that we can write again, that is when we get back to be our brilliant writing selves. We feel happy again for we are doing what we love, until we the plague comes back, which in a lot of ways we hope that we only have it once and it’s done like the chicken pox. But the truth is that we will face it more than once in our lives. It’s not our fault, it’s just that at times it pops up and we have to deal with it.

The best way that I have learned to cope with Writer’s Block, is to separate yourself from your writing for a bit. Pick up something new, or work on something that has nothing to do with writing. Learn to enjoy life, but more importantly think about writing but don’t do it until you are ready. Usually for me the readiness comes when the idea is strong and it comes back and back and every time that idea comes back there is more that is added to it and it really starts to become real to you. When that happens I know that I’m cured and I can continue on with my writing. You just need to find a way that works best for you.

I hope that you have found this topic helpful. I hope that you have a writer’s block free day!

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