How to get the Confidence Back

I promise, that this will not be another step by step, like other how to topics, this more of a helpful or simple suggestions that make getting that confidence back into your writing. Often times after writer’s block goes away and we get the initial urge to write, we struggle with our confidence. We also struggle with our confidence before we publish or put anything out into the world, at which point we are facing that annoying self-doubt. But never fear we all go through it, and it does not mean that we are weak but that we are human. To be a writer is to be human, which means we make mistakes; however, we also learn from our mistakes.

Also when you publish sometimes here is the greatest thing, there are different versions that you can put out there, which means that you make corrections and you can add to it to your heart’s content. But adding to our writing is one way that we get our confidence. Eventhough, there is the old addage that you should never look at what you wrote, especially your bad writing, but say throw that out the window. Why? Simple, we are writers we can correct things, we can use our words, and above all we can build our confidence by making our writing better. It’s called improving our craft.

When you really think about it, the best way to improve and get that confidence is to create or correct what you already created. It’s called tinkering.

The best advice on getting that writer’s confidence back in check is to work on your craft. I know a couple of days ago, when I was talking about writer’s block, I said don’t write, but once you feel that urge to write once it’s gone then write. Get that feeling back of what makes you feel good and happy about your writing. I took me a while to get that way. Yes, life can get in the way of our writing and it can have an impact on our writing too. Sometimes the impact can be good and other times it can be really, really bad. Yes, we don’t want the bad to surface; however, sometimes seeing the bad can be really helpful too.

There is no wrong or right in your writing, other than grammer and spelling, but if something works and you enjoy creating when it works then keep on doing what makes you happy. The best support that I can give on getting back and pumping up that confidence is to write what works for you and to ask for help. Granted, sometimes the help may not be what we need to hear but other times we need to seek out that guidence from others that have been were we are now in our stage of finding that writing life, or we can find others that are where we want to be in the future. But here is also the really good part about this too, and that is that we can help others in the future with what we know and helping them get to where we are or where they want to be.

The biggest thing is that we should not give up on our dreams of being writers. We should not give up on getting that confidence back in our writing. Above all we can succeed based on what we put into it. It’s like an saying that my mom and I have when it comes to people getting into the alpacas, what you put into them based on how much you work will them will be your pay off in the end. Furthermore, you can’t take an alpaca into show that you have never worked with before, and expect them to work for you. It does not happen. I have seen this way too many times at different alpaca shows.

The same can be said for our writing. What we put into our writing will pay off in the end. We have to work on our writing and nuture it and guide it along. But furthermore, the greatest confidence booster in the world is when we are able to help others. Not talk down to them, but help and guide and show them the way to where they want to be.

I really hope that you have found this helpful! I hope that you have a great writing day!

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