Hero’s Week is over (sadness)

We have come to the end of Heroe’s week. It has been fun talking about the different types of heroes that we face in literature. Now once we have our hero, what do we do to them? We put them on a journey of course. A hero must be on a journey, whether it be self discovery, saving a whole town from certain doom, whatever it is they must have a journey and a purpose.

The hero’s journey basically goes from everything is going fine, and then something changes. This change impacts the hero of the story, along with a few other characters, but the hero is the most impacted, and they want to make a change. Remember that quote from yesterday, “Heroes don’t except the way that the world is, for they fight it.” Well, that is true for heroes.

Let’s look at Game of Thrones‘ Jon Snow, for he does not want to stay at Winterfell and just be looked down upon by his step-mother, for he wants to go to the wall, to server a higher purpose. Granted, after he gets to the wall, he has a hard time accepting how things are as far as how he is treated. Of course, he fights it but he also thinks that he is better than his other brothers at the wall.

Furthermore, when you look at the hero’s journey, there is that desire to flee, or deny the call. In Jon’s case, the he tries to flee after his father, Ed Stark, is killed at King’s Landing. Then again when his half-brother, Robb Stark, is killed. He also on his journey beyond the wall, starts to have a distrust of his brothers at the wall and what they stand for, and so he leaves his brothers for a short time, and joins the wildlings, but then goes back to the Night’s Watch, due to he had to save them from the impending fight against the wildlings.

Along the hero’s journey, the hero must face the big bad villain. In Game of Thrones the big bad is the Night King. Time and Time again, Jon has faced the Night King and the white walkers. His first encounter with the Night King came at Hardhome, when Jon is feeling Hardhome with a few of the wildlings and a few of his Night Watch brothers. During this first encounter, Jon witnesses the power that the Night King has to create white walkers from the dead. As a fan this was the first moment for me when I felt like “Oh crap! We’re screwed!” I will talk about my plan to survive the white walkers when we get towards the end of next season.

So we have seen the big bad, now what is next for the hero? Well, he is someone how taken down, to his lowest point. In Jon’s case, the low was when four of his fellow brothers in the Night Watch killed him, granted, he is brought back to life, but for the most part he is killed. It is after this that he leaves the Night’s Watch, and goes to become King of the North, after fight Ramsey Bolton. Yes, Ramsey is a villain, but he is not the big bad as the Night King. Ramsey is just a mere stepping stone on Jon’s way to reclaiming Winterfell. After he claims Winterfell, he tries to get allies to help in the battle that is to come against the Night King and the white walkers.

Along the way there is a revelation that comes for the hero, either the hero knows this or will find out, but the reader’s know this. In the case with Jon Snow, it’s that he is not Ed Stark’s son, for he is a Targaryen, which was once an important family in the world of Game of Thrones. But before this revelation, there is another battle with the big bad, and this time he get’s an important weapon on his side. A dragon, and not just any dragon, a makes a white-walker out of a dead dragon. Granted, at this point we are screwed for this dragon can fly and melt ice, furthermore, it gives the Night King a huge advantage over Jon.

In the climax/falling action of the story, Jon will have to gain some advantage or learn the weakness of the Night King, and when that happens the big bad will be going down. When that will be, who knows, but there will be some weakness that will be discovered and once it’s discovered, the final battle will be not only about strength but about knowledge as well. Then in the end, the survivors, such as our hero will live a happily ever after or however he chooses to live his life in Westeros.

I hope that you have liked today’s conclusion to Hero’s week. I hope you will come back, next week for an exciting installment on villains.

The Dark Side of the Hero is the Anti-Hero

I know what you are thinking based on the title, we’re going to be talking about Aniken Skywalker again. Wrong, today’s example of the anti-hero is Angel from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. But first let’s define the anti-hero. Anti-heroes are heroes that are partly good but they also have a dark side. This dark side is what makes them bad. Other examples beside Angel are Batman, Catwoman, most of your superheroes.

When looking at Angel, his dark side comes from the fact that he is a vampire. Let’s define vampire, not the type from Twilight where they glitter in the sun; no, these vampires turn to dust when they make contact the with the sun. Angel not only is he a vampire, but he is a vampire that has been cursed with a soul. This soul is what makes him good and want him to make the world a better place.

However, his soul or attitudes can be changed which make him bad Angel and becomes Angelus. Angelus was the original name that he took on when he became a vampire and he was the most ruthless vampire in Europe. Granted, when he is Angelus he cares nothing for saving the world or man kind, all he cares about is being destruction. But as Angel he is the one who wants to stop the powers that be that will bring on the apocalypse.

One of the ways that he does this is by taking over the evil law firm of Wolfram and Heart, where he tries to change the ways of the firm. However, the more that he is running the firm, he knows that the only way that he take down the powers that be, is to become a member of an elite group known as the Circle of the Black Thorn. The only way that he could become a member was to kill one of his friends so that they would belive that he had turn. Furthermore, after he becomes a member of the Black Thorn to ensure that he gets what he really wants he has to sign away his humanity. But all the while he joins the Circle just find out who the agents are so that he can assassinate them. All in the end of same the world from the apocalypse that the powers that be wants to bring down on the world.

The best line that came from the series on heroes is: https://youtu.be/63_JOXa6sak

Basically if you don’t care for the link basically, it’s that heroes don’t except the way that the world is, for they fight it. They fight it until they succeed.

I hope that you have liked today’s hero discussion on the anti-hero. Tomorrow, we will end our week-long series on heroes talking about the hero’s journey. Please, like or comment down below.

Heroes that Lose Their Way

Being a hero is tough work, you have to save the world or the girl from peril and then you have your life outside of that to contend with. So it is easy to see how a hero could lose their way. Right? Well, it depends on the hero that you are looking at. Granted, you might look at the hero of today’s focus as a hero more as a villian but at one point he was the hero of the story and in the end he became a hero. Let’s look at Aniken Skywalker/Darth Vader from Star Wars.

Aniken had a lot to contend with, he was a slave then he was freed, taken from his mother, and trained as a jedi, where he wasn’t taken seriously. He also fall in love, which is a big jedi no-no, became friends with Senator Palpatine, his mother dies, he looses his arm, and then he is forced to do something that he didn’t feel was quite right which was to kill/disarm Count Dooku. Then he is on the verge of loosing his wife in childbirth. You could see where really everything is going against Aniken.

Furthermore, he chooses to save his friend Palpatine against attacks from the jedi, and for what so he can become Emporer Palpatine’s new apprentice in the sith as Darth Vader. Now I know what you are going to say, Darth Vader did terrible things. Yes, he did for he help destroyed the jedi, bring in the Empire and further more, rule the galaxy with an iron fist. However, with all of this going on there were two people. Let me repeat, there were two people that saw that there was still good in him. His wife and his son.

His son, Luke, was raised very much like his father except for he wasn’t a slave. Luke became a jedi and knew that after the first meeting with Vader that not only was he the son of him but he also lost his hand to him too. But in the end when Vader brings Luke before the Emperor, Luke goes against the Emporer saying that he will never go to the dark side. When the Emperor is going to kill Luke, Vader steps up and kills the Emperor. This shows that Aniken would do anything to save his family. So in the end Vader destroyed the Empire and saved the galaxy.

Granted, we have a new trilogy of films, and it’s clear that Vader has a fan boy. But fan boy don’t know fully what Vader to save Luke, and if he did I’m thinking that it would change his mind about being on the dark side.

So in the end Aniken had to go to the dark side in order to save the galaxy from the emperor, which means that he was the one to bring peace back to the force.

If you disagree with this analysis of Aniken/Darth Vader, please, bring your case forward, but it’s easy to see how he lost his way to save the ones that he love. You could bring up Frodo in this case also, for he was influenced by the ring made him lose his way, and he needed to destroy the ring to save not only himself but Golum as well.

Tomorrow, we will talk about anti-heroes. I hope that you have enjoyed this discussion on the Aniken.

Heroes of Circumstance

As we continue our discussion this week about Heroes, we are going to focus on heroes of circumstance. These are the heros that did not set out to be heroes, they just happened to be heroes by chance happenings. If you want a perfect examples of this look at the Children in the Narnia series, Frodo in the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter in the Harry Potter Series. Other than them all being all fantasy characters/series them becoming heroes happened by circumstance.

When the older children come to Narnia, they want just want to go back in the wardrobe and forget that they even came to Narnia. They don’t want to get involved in helping the people/animals of Narnia against the White Queen, they would rather just go back. It’s not until that they see the effects that the White Queen is doing that become involved in the war against the Queen.

Now lets look at Frodo. He was left with the ring and had to be the one to deliver the ring to Rivendale. Along the way he gets attacked and further more he has a goal when he finds out about the ring and how evil it is, and that is to get it out of the Shire. Furthermore, he volunteers to take the ring to Mordor so that it can be destroyed. In case he is given the burden that he should not have had to bear from his uncle, who had the ring for many years. Did he chose to be left with the burden? No, but when his uncle leaves him with the ring, he has no other choice than to take care of it so that he can his friends could save the Shire, and save the Shire they did.

Harry Potter is long the same lines in that he did not choose that he would have face the Dark Lord, Voldemort, multiple times or that he would have to save Hogwarts more than once. He also did not chose that he would have a lighting bolt scar on his forehead. He makes it very clear past the first couple of books that he did not ask for anything that was happening to him like the fame, or having to deal with Voldemort. Furthermore, he did not want to take care of the other artifacts that Voldemort split his soul into, but when Dumbledore was killed, Harry was left to destroy them so that he could bring down Voldemort and in the end save Hogwarts.

Did any of these heroes ask for their fates to be handed to them? The answer is no, but they chose to carry the burden for a higher purpose than their own. These the characters that we really hoped would survive until the end of the book so that we can see them get their happy endings. However, these heroes, much like the heroes that we route for are changed forever. I would say that in the examples listed above the one that is changed  the most throughout the course of the story is Frodo. Frodo has to deal with the pain from the scar that he received while he was attacked, he is the one that changed while having the ring in his possession and he was damaged by it. He is one that chose to leave Middle Earth on his own accord, for he knew that he was never going to get better and he reached his goal of saving the Shire.

Tomorrow, as we continue to talk about heroes, we will talk about the hero that loses his/her way.

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New Look, Same Faerie Rose Press

Today, I thought that since Faerie Rose Press has been up for a while, I thought that I would give it a new look. I have added a few things to try to give the site a little pop. It has been a work in progress and I felt as long as I’m going to be posting on here daily, other than weekends, which I’m still trying to figure that part out. That I would try to add some things on here. The feel will not change for the menu will still be right where it has been. I’m going to do a drastic overhaul of the site, I just want to add some things.

Thank you, as always for your support and following Faerie Rose Press, this is the start of a dream come true for me.

The Start of a New Week…Heroes

It’s the start of a new week, and if you are counting the week’s until Christmas there are six, which also means that we start a new year in seven weeks. Not that I want to talk about the holidays again, this week I want to start a focus on character. The best character to talk about first is the hero of our story.

Heroes come in all shames and sizes and there are different types of heroes. There is the hero that we all route for, such as Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games Series. As we study Katniss we first know that if she was put up against the wall that she will protect her sister this is clearly seen by her volunteering to take her sister’s place in the Hunger Games. She is also a hero that didn’t want to be idolized but she is put in the position by the actions that she took in the games. We know that her greatest enemy in the series is President Snow; however, in the last book Snow is replaced by President Coin, who is the President of District 13. Katniss from the second book and well into the third always said that she wanted to be the one to kill Snow. However, in a surprising twist of fate she kills Coin and the people finish off Snow, who was already dying from drinking poison over the years. Katniss is also the hero that we can see struggle with the defining moments of war, in other words she developes PTSD from her being part in the Hunger Games in the first book. The PTSD is clearly shown in the second and third books. Is she a hero that we feel sorry for? No, we feel that she is a strong hero for she wants the Hunger Games to end, and the only way that she could end them was to get rid of Snow and Coin. But really when we look at Katniss she is the hero that we route for in that we want to her to win the games in the first book, we want her to win in the second book, and we want to reach her end goal in the third book. You can also say that as we go on this journey with Katniss, we also want her to have her happy ending and we are happy to see her get it.

So as we read literature, we should look at all the different heroes or characters that we route for and why do we route for them? In the end we really want them to survive the story and get their happy ending in the end.

I hope that you have liked this first discussion on hero. Tomorrow, I will talk about the heroes that are of circumstance, which means that they did not choose what made them a hero.

It’s Friday….

Happy Friday! It’s almost the middle of the month, before we know it the Holidays will be here, which means how do we as writers get in our writing time, between the parties, the gatherings and events that we have going on. The easiest advice that I can give, which is basically going back to that if you have 15 minutes to write do so. It’s all part of finding that balance.

Just like we have to the balance in eating all the food that comes across our plates this holiday, we also have to find balance get in our writing time. You might be going why give this advice now? The answer is why not? Any time before we get into the holidays is a good time to get this advice. I know the holidays are about being festive, and finding the joy and good will towards others.

The other part about the holidays is that you can carry that spirit into your writing as well. This is a good time, to watch those old holiday classics, or read some of the good old holiday classics. During this time of year, we should add some happiness and joy into what we write. This may seem sappy advice, but you always feel like your writing is sad and depressing and you want it to be up beat, bring in some of that holiday cheer.

I know I have been talking alot about magic, natural writing, but part of having that holiday cheer is feeling that there is magic all around. This is also where we as fantasy writers, go back to what we know about winter and stories. Think of Narnia in the Lion, the Witch and Wardobe, winter is what gives the White Witch her power. In the Dark is Rising, we are in winter at the start of the book, and darkness comes to play. If you’ve watched the film, Legend, winter is the season of darkness.

I’m not saying that we should be considering winter as dark and cold, even though it is, but we should consider winter as our fantasy season. This is the season where a lot takes place and it can also bring about those fantasy elements, for we get the pretty lights, the tinsel, the glitter, its a time where people create. Creating during this time of year, means backing, doing arts and crafts, but for us writers it a time for us to either write or to relax after doing NaNoWriMo. Either way, writing should be enjoyed during this time of year, and we should create just as much as everyone else so that we can enjoy creating the magic that is in our writing and that is the holiday season.

Thank you and have a happy Friday. If you have enjoyed this session on Faerie Rose Press, please, like down below.

Natural Writing

Yesturday, I talked about how writing can be magic and today I want to talk about natural writing. Natural writing is where you write without thinking. You think about it as free writing. When you write naturally, you just write while keeping that pen to the paper, or you just type away. It allows you to write continuously. So much of what we write is what we have planned or we think should happen to our characters or story.

But if you write naturally without trying to interfere, then you can get some amazing things to take place in your story. In away you think of this as also as being a pantser, where you are not plotting out what is going to happen. Rather, you let your story go where it might want to go. This can make editing either fun or hard depending on how your writing session goes when you naturally write.

You still might be paying attention to grammer, spelling, and other writing conventions and that is fine. However, you don’t want to think or intereffere as you write naturally. A great way, or tool, to write naturally on is find a writing prompt and just write. Don’t think about it, just write. You will be amazed what free writing can do for you.

If you write naturally and like what you wrote, then you again created magic. Now, I’m not saying that everything that you write might be magic or natural but you should give it a try. So much of today is about thinking, and having to make this perfect or that pefect. But if you don’t have to do that as much, your writing could be looked at as amazing. When that happens then you can say to yourself, “I did something pretty cool today!”

Writing should be natural, magical, amazing and any other word that you can use to describe your writing. But if you can find that then you will love what you write. However, if you make it to be a chore then you are not going to enjoy it as much. The bigger picture is that you should enjoy what you do and you should love what you write. If you can’t do that everyday then you need to ask yourself, “Why did I want this in the first case?” You can also write about that and get some focus or clarity back in your writing, which as writers is what we want. This is more about focusing on as writers and less about our readers. At some point, yes, we need to think about our readers, but for right now we need to think about what makes us as writers happy.

We as writers should be happy, because if we are not happy as writers then we do not want to write, create or even think naturally as writers.

I hope that you have found this helpful in your day as writers.