Can Writing be Magic?

Let me ask you, can writing be magic? In my view, yes, writing can be magical. Magic if is a verb means to make something move, to be changed or to be created. When we write we are making words move. As we write we hope to change the world. Then finally when we write we work on creating a story, a world, or a situation that we put our characters into. Therefore, writing can be magic.

When we write magic, we want our readers to experience the same type of magic. We want them to feel the magic that is in our story worlds. We want them to experience the feelings that our characters express and we want them to hear not only our voice but the voice that we have for our characters. The pure joy for us as writers, is when our readers understand what we were getting at with our writing. Granted, when they start to analysis our writing, they may have a different understanding than what we intended, but that can be considered as the magic that our readers give to us as writers.

We may disagree with their analysis, but on the other hand, they may give us insight that we did not have before when we were writing our stories. However, we should take it as a gift in return for it shows that we have readers, who took the time to read what we had written on the page. You might be asking yourself is that magic though?

I would have to say, yes that is magic, for they may change how we view our writing. It may move us to think in a different way as well. It might be a stretch to think about how it creates something, but it might for it might compel us to write some more or to create a new world based on the information that we gained from our readers.

We should in turn look at it as what not only what can we give our readers, but what can our readers give to us in return. The answer for me is magic. We give magic and in turn we would like to have some of the magic back. Just as we are children, who believe in faeries, or wizards and witches, we desire to have magic in our lives. We keep looking for it and holding on to those feelings that we see in motion pictures or when we read those types of stories. We want the magic. We desire the magic, and above all we want the world to be magical.

Therefore, writing is magic, and how we use that magic can be the greatest talent that we can ever possess.

I hope that you have liked this discussion on magic and writing. If you would like you can you comment down below on your takes on magic and writing. Thank you, again my friends.

Just Published…Poems in a Milk Bottle

I just published for ebook on Kindle my collection of poetry called Poems in a Milk Bottle. It will be available for 2.99. This collection took some time to put together. Some of the poems that are in the collection are under the poetry section of this website. I’m so excited to share with wonderful collection.

poems in a milk bottle kindle page

Today is going to be Great!

Today, so far is getting off to a good start. I have already have 12 views on this site. I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by either for the first time or if you are returning. I also have had three people pick up their free ebook of “My Grandmother is Missing.”

Speaking of the ebook, it will be available starting today and going through Saturday for free. After that it will be available for $.99. I just feel so happy right now that everything is going on track.

Now let’s talk in terms of writing, which will be about everyone has a story. This story can be either about what is going on with you personally, or what you bring to your works of fiction. Whatever that part is there is a story there that is waiting to released. This story can also be reflected or be apart of your writer’s journey. Yes, I’m going back to the writer’s journey, for some aspect in your life contributed to you wanting or having the desire to write. As I mentioned in my post on the writer’s journey, I just felt this desire to tell stories and I loved how stories work. As I have grown, more about what I love about story has come across in my writing. This could be how you make that daring twist with your characters. Making your characters interact. How you even build your story world. Now mater what you learn about writing from others, that part you can take and make part of your writing.

The only part about that is that you may fall the first time but that is where you learn and you take it out back somewhere and work with it. This is were tweaking comes into your arsenal. However, you have to decied on a given day what you want from your writing and where you want to take your writing. This is where you can make your goals and strive to make those goals happen for you. This is also where you can grow as a writer.

The more you grow as a writer, the more that you can see things happen for you. One way for me that I see that is that I never dreamed what when I started Faerie Rose Press, that I would have the courage to try to publish my flash fiction on amazon, for I was only thinking about my larger projects like my novel. I never thought that I would get as many views as I have on here, let alone my Facebook page. The point is that I’m growing and looking down at the road and seeing endless possiblilities and that means that I can share more with all of you about where you can see your writing journey might take you. I hope that you are seeing your writer’s journey and saying that I can do what I want with it. Granted, not everything will work, but when it does you can see the magic. Magic is beautiful, and daring but above all it let’s us see things differently. It also lets us see the confidence in what we can do.

We can all be successful in your writing and the careers that we want in our writing. I hope that you can see what you want out of your writing. But strive forth and watch as your creativity bloom and grow.

I hope that this has been helpful today, and I hope that you will like what you have heard.

My First Flash Fiction Piece is…

So I published my first flash fiction piece for Amazon Kindle. The piece is also availalbe on the here under the short stories section. On the website I called it “You Should Have,” but I have titled the e-book version as “My Grandmother is Missing.” You can get it for free on Kindle unlimited or you can purchase it for $.99.

I have published it under Elderwood Publications since it really is not a fantasy piece of fiction. I hope that you all will check it out and rate it. I wanted to see how it would work, before I really started publishing my bigger works of fiction on Amazon.

my grandmother is missing kindle page

New Week…

It’s the start of a new week, and that means starting this week off right. I’m continuing to work on my nanowrimo project, and it is going to a good start. Yesturday, I did not write for I was moving all of the alpacas and llamas where I was currently boarding to their new home. Granted, I will still be boarding them, but they have more room to run and they seem happy where they are now.

On the writing aspect, today I hope will be a productive day, for I plan to work on both my nanowrimo project, as well as a bit more on Ravages of Time.

As we start this week of writing, let’s take a moment to think and reflect about how we can make things new in our writing. It can be how we think about a character, think about a scene that we have in mind. How can we make it fresh and interesting. One of the ways that I came across this is to either interview the character about what they have faced. How about thinking about what drives them and what happens when that drive that they have is taken from them? Think of Frodo and the ring. The drive was about saving the Shire, but when they thought of the Shire being destroyed that really compelled them to get the ring over to Modor so that it could be destroyed and the Shire would be saved. Also you can think of it as without the ring there was no drive or even thought that the Shire would need to be saving. Think about seeing stories in a new light, or in this case what really drives a character.

As we read, and write we should as writers think about how we can make stories new and fresh. But let alone think about how do we making ideas original and not re-done or cliche. I hope this gives you something to think about on your writing. If you like what you have read, please, like or comment down below.

New Day…New Start…Rebirth

It’s a new day, and I am starting a new leaf on life. What does this mean for Faerie Rose Press? Well, it means good things are to come. It means that writing will be more of a focus in my life. Why do you ask?

I’m at a point in my life, where I want to do things my way. I want to work on my writing, and I want to help other writers with their writing as well. This means helping them get the confidence that they need or want in their writing. I want to see writers, at any level reach their full potential, if that is what they want. I also want to celebrate the craft and the art of the written word.

Well, this mean, a new division of Faerie Rose Press? Maybe, but it might also mean another outlet that I use to get my message out there, which right now is you want to write and see where it takes you, then go forth and do it. If you need help along the way, then I want to help. I want to put all I know out there and share it.

I know that most of us have heard that writing is a solitary life, but who says that is the way that it has to be. I think that it is time that we brace our work and come together to build the community of writers. I learned something recently about my home state of Colorado, which is that Colorado is ranked number 5 for having a community or population that are writers. This is awesome, but other places need to say bring forth the writers and help them with their craft.

One way that this can be done, is for writers to come out of the shadows and say I need information, I need help, and I need to mind that writing mentor that is that is going to help me, not stop me from what I want to work on. As I have said from the beginning on this blog, we as writers should not have to write to trends, for we should be able to write what we want to write about. This means totally finding your imagination and using the power of creativity to create and write the stories that we want to tell.

This is all good things, and there will be more things to come for Faerie Rose Press, and other projects that I want to work on for writing, which in turns will help others out there as well, that want to work on their craft. What does that in turn mean for you? It means stay tune and continue to explore the things that I have in mind, it will be a journey that will be fun and hopefully exciting.

This also means, that things will still be evolving and will be a work in progress. Speaking, of things evolving and being a work in progress, I started a new section on the website for short stories. I have already started putting up a few, and there are currently two. But that is a work in progress.

So if you like what, you have read, please, like or comment about anything that you have questions on about this. I can’t wait to start the journey to see where this is all going to go, and I hope you will too.