The Past Weekend…

This past weekend for the most part was about giving writing advice to other writers on at least a couple of the writering groups that are on Facebook. As I have mentioned in the past one of my goals with my business is to help other writers. Some of the topics included how you go about re-writing, how do you start to write in a certain genre, and about getting the confidence in your writing. There were also topics that I gave advice on for publishing as well and how you go about working on a blog about writing, and that was just to name a few of the topics. Granted some of these topics I have not covered on this site yet and I will in the future.

This past weekend I also learned about some new tools, and those will be added to the section Writer’s First Source. The first of these new tools is The Hemingway Editor ( This website can help you edit your work, it can also tell you the readability of your work is. This one I’m going to test with what I have on the current draft of the Raven Prophecy and see what are some of the results. The other nifty tool that I learned about this morning is Text to Speech Reader ( This one allows you to hear your text in a natural sounding voice. I’m going to give this one a try later today as well. I’m also going to look at some other web platforms for writers such as Tablo and Medium. I have not yet been to these sites, or else I would be adding the links on to this post.

I also received a new goody from my sister, a new pendulum with a pretty amethyst. Sometimes having a pendulum for writing can be helpful. Right now I have it on my writing desk with me. I also picked up a new writing guide, “Damn Fine Story: Mastering the Tools of a Powerful Narrative” by Check Wendig. The reason why I picked up this book was that it some great pointers on the back cover of the book. I will be reading this book and will be writing some posts based on the book. The other book that I picked up was more of a business type book, but if I find helpful tips on there for us writer’s I will be adding some of that information as well.

The past weekend was really about me focusing on my business and getting some idea of what information writers need. Therefore, I will be sharing some of that information with you all as part of my pledge to help writers with their writing. I learned some new things and that it is great too, for it shows that I do not know everything but at the same time I know some things that other writers don’t know either. This is one of the great things that can come from being part of a community is that we can learn from each other and get new ideas on how to do things.

I hope that you had a great weekened as well, and I hope that you have a fantastic writing day.

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