What exactly is our Job as writers?

We already into the fifth day of December before you know it Christmas will be here and then it will be the end of the year. However, before we get to Christmas the next film in the Star Wars franchise will be coming out in ten days! I could for the next ten days talk about Star Wars and how it is a great study for writer’s, but I won’t do that, for there are other topics to talk about in terms of writing.

I don’t think that I have actually, talked about what is your job as writers. The reason or how this topic came up, was that on Facebook yesterday someone posted the question, how do I create my world through writing? You might be looking at this question and thinking that is a stupid question for a writer to be putting up on social media? Or what kind of writer would ask this question? Or the even better doesn’t this writer know that is our job as writers? Yes, I thought the same thing and I couldn’t even bother to put up an answer to the question without sounding rude. But it got me to thinking that maybe this writer, and there may be others out there that do not understand what is the job of being a writer. Granted, when we are children and told to write stories, we are not told that when we write we are creating a story world, even if the story is factual or not.

Here is my thinking on the job as a writer: As writers, we must craft worlds with words, we create art with the written word, and we create characters and we put them into the world and we mess with their lives. Furthermore, we tell stories, we play God with the story and how the characters react to a given situation. We also entertain readers and give them something to think about. That is basically what I think is our job as writers.

Given the above, how does one handle the given job of being a writer? The answer is to write, come up with a story, get influenced by something that will help with our writing. In a way, we are designers, crafters, and above all artists by the way that we use our craft and the knowledge that we have to tell a given story. Furthermore, we should set out each day to learn something new about our craft, our business, and above all the world of writing. If you write fiction, learn about fiction or the genre that you have a desire to write about.

The key is that we want to be experts in our art, in our stories and we should know about things such as metafiction (Fiction about Fiction). We should know fully what our story is about, even if we are in the beginning stages of writing the book to talk about it or when we are trying to get advice. Furthermore, when I talk about advice, I’m not saying go find someone to write the book for you, but how you go about certain things. If you are having someone else write your book, you should be looking in your mirror and going why do I want to be a writer? Yes, there are ghost writers but other writers should be man or woman enough to write their stories and take the credit for the work that they have accomplished.

You should always be proud of the work that you have completed, even if that means that you have a thousand rejection letters coming from agents and publishers. You finished your manuscript, it may just need work, but if you work on it hard enough, you will get the attention of an agent or a publisher, or you could get tired of it and take to self-publishing, which isn’t bad either. We should be proud of the paths that we take with our writing, for not everyone has the courage to self-publish or to even write a novel. They may not even have the courage to go on the yellow-brick road and face the wicked witch of the west. But if remember why you wanted to be a writer in the first place, then completing the job at the end of the day, will make it easier to look in the mirror and say “I created something today!” Or “I worked on my craft today, and I’m closer to reaching my goal!”

If you can remember everytime you pick up the pen or the keyboard, then your writing will come to you and you will be proud to say that I’m working on being a writer, and a writer I shall be.

I hope that this has been helpful to you, and that you have a fantastic writing day!

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