Updates from Faerie Rose Press

I thought that since this week has been going so good here at Faerie Rose Press, that I would give an update on how what is happening. First off, I have some new followers on this website, on my twitter account, and on Facebook with both my author page and the page for this business. I would like to say thank you and welcome. Every time, that I receive new followers, I am so grateful for the fellowship for it means that I’m gaining support for what I’m trying to do with my business. As for getting new followers on Twitter, a couple of my posts have been re-twitted and that is a huge boost for me this week. Again, I say thank you and it is most appreciated.

Now for news on the Raven Prophecy. Yesterday, I completed the first fifty pages (front matter not included)! Last week, I created a new front cover for the Raven Prophecy, which I post down below, in case you have not seen it. My goal is to get the first 100 pages completed before the end of the year. So far I am happy with the progress that has been over the course of the year on the Raven Prophecy. Furthermore, I created a private cover for the book, which I was excited to create and if you would like to see a copy of it just email me at: faerierosepress@gmail.com.

Last up not least, Happy Star Wars Day! Yes, I saw the latest film in the franchise and no I will not put up spoilers as I’m not going to be one of those that spoil the film for others. But all I can say is that it was awesome and so worth the money to see in IMAX. It added some great knowledge for fans of the Star Wars saga. I was not disappointed at all in the film.

I was just featured on the following facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/refiction.page

I hope that you have a great weekend and happy writing. May the force be with You!

The Raven Prophecy-new10-page-001

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