Bookstore Finds

After a long day of seeing my alpacas and llamas, I thought that I would invoke a trip to the bookstore, ie, Barnes and Nobel (or what my sister and I call the “law firm”). While I was there, I went into the reference section and I would a couple of good finds.

The first is dyiMFA by Gabriela Pereira, who is the founder of I thought that I would read it and see if it has some helpful insights on creating a good MFA program. The other good find is the Weekend Book Proposal: How to write a Winning Proposal in 48 hours and sell your book by Ryan G. Van Cleave. Granted, I’m into self-publishing, but I thought that it would be a good idea to read it and see how to go about organizing my thoughts and the story of the Raven Prophecy. Then my third and final find, was the latest issue of Writer’s Digest since it had the tagline on the cover: Write Your Novel! I always enjoy reading Writer’s Digest to see what new insights they have for writers.

So overall the trip to the bookstore was a great success.

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