Embark on the Adventure that is Writing

Every day as we sit at our writing desks, we should accept that we are going on an adventure. We should do accept the adventure whether we are writing fantasy or some other genre of fiction. Going on the adventure ensures that we are learning about the fantasy world that we are creating. Going on the adventure means that we are being shown things by the characters that we have taken the time to create. We should greet these characters like old friends.

When we work on character sketches of these characters, we should have some sort of conversation with them, after all, we are playing God with their lives, whether they know it or not. Them not knowing what we are doing to them or how we met is sort of the fun part of going on the adventure.

When we go on the adventure with our writing, we should accept that the world that we created is not all good and not all bad, but in part, we should learn about the fate that we have put our characters into. Granted, the last part that we want to experience on this adventure is losing our head. Now that would be terribly dreadful for how would we finish the story if we lose our heads.

Embarking on the adventure allows for us to see the escapism that we are working on to create for our readers. For we can easily escape into our fantasy worlds our readers should be able to do the same thing. Granted, embarking on the adventure also allows us to know things that we may or may not include in our manuscripts. Furthermore, it gives us the freedom to enter the castles of our world, the churches, houses, and other such places. Granted, we will get caught up when you are come up some sort of excuse like I smelled you making a pie. Something to where they feel comfortable with you being in their home. This also allows you to add things that they might be missing, like a clock or a nice fireplace. These things could have been missing. But think about what is important about these things to the story. Such as the clock can tell time, but what if the clock was able to show the future in the fireplace when a stranger glances at the clock. (What I great idea, I must write that one down).

This how we can add some playtime into our work, and give us a glance into what we are creating. Allow yourself to become part of your world, but don’t go crazy just a little bit of what you need to see to move the story forward. Granted, every time that I work on the Raven Prophecy, I picture them as I write, and talking or drinking but I try to add something to the image every time so that it is fresh. But I also know that sooner or later the book will be completed and I don’t need to add anything else at that point. However, when your work is still a work in progress you can add as much as you like, but just keep in mind that you need to have the balance or there should be a point for adding something to your story.

I hope that you have an adventurous day in our story world.

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