Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We have finally made to 2018. As we greet the new year, it also means revolution time. The time of year when we make our goals for the new year and sometimes writing become a focus of revolutions and sometimes it doesn’t. But never fear, we at Faerie Rose Press have been busy thinking of good writing revolutions for the new year.

My biggest goal for this coming year is to study the craft of writing, which means both writing and reading. I have a good library of writing guides and some of them it has been a while since I have looked at them and others I have looked more recently. The other focus that I will have on studying the craft is reading my genre of focus, which means Fantasy.

Another goal for this year is to focus on the business of writing and putting out more posts that have to do with the business side of writing. Even though I have not gone over my posts from last year, I feel that I did a somewhat poor job of covering the business side of writing. While I’m covering the business side of writing, my other main focus is to help writers with their writing. I have some other goals in mind towards this, such as hosting a couple of events this year when it gets warmer called “Writing and Alpacas.” The main idea of this event is to get writers out of their element and away from the keyboard and for them to write out in nature while gazing at Alpacas or other elements of nature. When I have those dates I will get them posted.

Now for two biggest goals that I have for my writing. One is to finish a complete draft of The Raven Prophecy and the other is to complete the second draft of Ravages of Time. I want those two projects completed before we hit the next year. There might be other writing projects but the two biggest is The Raven Prophecy and Ravages of Time.

As far as Faerie Rose Press is concerned, the biggest goal that I have so far for the press is to continue to work on things and to make it grow. I hope that you have enjoyed this sneak peek into what we will be working on for the new year, and I hope that you will enjoy being with us on the journey ahead.


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