Motivation for Writers and their Writing

As we think about our writing goals for the new year, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is our motivation for writing. There are lots of different motivations that we can have as writers such as it has been our dream to be a writer/author, to have the ability to tell stories, to be published, or to make our dreams come true through our writing. No matter what our motivation is we need to keep it in mind. Granted, we can have the motivation to make money from our writing and a lot of people will tell you that there is no money in it, and then you ask yourself why write then? The answer is that you have a dream to write and to tell stories.

My biggest motivation for writing is the desire to tell stories, but to also help others with the world of writing. As I have mentioned in the past on this blog, we are living in the golden age of self-publishing, which means that there are many avenues that you can get your work out into the world. But while there is an abundance of self-published books out there, which have shed a black light on self-publishing for these are works that have not been edited or gone through with a fine tooth comb, there are those out there that have been edited. But once we have that motivation engrained in us then we have that dream of someone finding and reading our book/story that we have taken the time to write.

I feel that once we have that single thread of motivation in us, then there should be nothing that should stop us from doing what we desire for we will find a way to make what we want a reality. Let me give you a great example, I had the biggest motivation that I wanted a space for writing. I wanted to build a she-shed in my backyard so that I could have a space to write. But then when that was not quite in the works, I set up a spot in the living room, the problem with that was that it was too noisy and sometimes the television was a distraction. But then when space opened up in the basement, I took it and made it my own. I cleaned it up, and I set up my writing space. Is it totally what my dreamed space looked like in my mind, not quite but for what I needed and wanted it has done well so far. Granted, that motivation has been completed, but the next one has been, even before I wanted a writing space, for me to start or at the very least work on my novel, The Raven Prophecy. Granted, I was motivated last year to finish the first 100 pages, and I completed that goal. My goal and motivation this year is to finish a completed first draft of the Raven Prophecy.

Motivation gives us a drive that we need to fulfill. A desire that we never want to give up. A dream that we keep going back to over and over again. A goal that helps to set us on fire so that we make it a reality. An inspiration that lets us know that anything is possible in this world.


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