How to Dress as a Writer?

This morning as I was looking at Facebook, someone posted that we as writers are dressed wrong and that we are sending the wrong message out because of how we dress.  How can this be? When we are writing at home we can wear whatever clothes make us comfortable such as pajamas, tank tops, shorts, skirts, and/or capes (if you are into that sort of thing). Granted, when we are out in public writing we can wear jeans, t-shirt, sweater, hoodie, and/or button-down shirt. Furthermore, if you look at examples that have been shown in movies of writers, they are for the most part wearing pajamas or jeans and a t-shirt. Given the list above how can that be the wrong message of how we as writers based on how we dress is that giving the wrong message?

Yes, if writing is your business then I guess that you could wear business professional clothes when you are writing or conducting business. Or you could wear no clothes at all when you are writing if you want to feel more natural as you are writing. However, how is what a writer wears in the privacy of their own home or at the local coffee shop sending the wrong message?

It’s not like when you are working in a coffee shop, and you have your laptop out or a notepad someone comes up to you and asks if you are a writer? If you have had this experience then prove me wrong. But for the most part, if you are asked in the coffee shop that you are a writer and they look at how you are dressed and let’s say you are wearing a concert t-shirt and jeans do you think that they are going to ask why are you not dressed more professionally. You would probably look back at them and ask them a similar question if they are dressed the same way and let’s say that their profession is a doctor. You could ask why are they not wearing scrubs or a suite or something of that nature.

But based on what we wear, does not hint that we are sending out the wrong messages, it just says that we want to be comfortable when we write. I wear jeans, t-shirt, and a hoodie when I’m writing out in public. When I’m writing at home, I sometimes wear my pajamas or I wear a tank top and a skirt. It is something comfortable, and I like to feel comfortable when I write.

Granted, said person who posted the topic has yet to state what the wrong message we are writers are putting out there based on how we dress. but I think that our message should be that we dress comfortably when we write and there is nothing wrong with that. But of course when we are promoting our books or our business then yes we need to step it up a notch but when we are writing we should be comfortable.


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