You want to play a game?

There’s a game to everything that we do. We play it every time that we talk, every time we meet someone new. It’s a game sort of like cat and mouse. It’s a game that we either win or we lose, for there is no in between. We play this game every day of our lives to survive to make it through the day. We learned it as children in school, as we try to get the attention of our teachers from the rest of the students in our classes. We learned it again when we entered the workforce to see if we could get the attention of our managers. Granted, we wanted it more for something good that we have performed at rather than something negative. Every day, we do the dance to see how far we have come and deal with the stress that is part of the game. Then when we retire from work, the game is over for we don’t have to pay for the attention of anyone except for our loved ones so that we feel that we are not forgotten. But before retirement, ask yourself was it worth it?

Was it really worth it? Was it really worth playing the game and dealing with the stress? Back a few months ago, I asked myself the very same question and at the end of the day I said ‘no.’ Life is short and why should I spend 40 years in a workforce that was so downgrading that it wasn’t worth the pay? I think that in recent times more and more people are asking themselves the very same question for more and more people are going to work for themselves. But I hear the same stories again and again from my sisters who work in jobs where they told that there is a game to play and you either accept the rules of the game or you get written up for it.

I said no to the rules, and I decided to branch out and make my own rules. One were I can spend my day working on my craft and try to make a name for myself. Build something that I am proud of. Granted, there are rules to this too but they are better rules. I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. I’m not saying that this is ideal for everyone but what if you found yourself in the same situation, could you play the new game? A game where you decide how the day goes. A game where you can look back and say that it was worth it?

I did and I’ve never been happier for it. Could you do the same?

One thought on “You want to play a game?

  1. I love this post, I often worry that what if I spend all this time worrying about the future and don’t live to see it. Ultimately my goal is to make a go of it doing what I love (writing/filmmaking) so that I feel the desire to work until I die, and then I don’t have to worry too much about retirement.
    Great post. Thank you.

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