Inspiration for Writers

Many times, when I’m wondering about Facebook through all the various posts that come up on my newsfeed, there is one that has been popping up a lot lately through most of the writer’s groups and that what inspires someone to write what they write. Inspiration can take on many forms and it can come from many different places and things.

It can come from music, movies, television shows, games, toys, views, something that we hear or see. As writers, we tend to look everywhere for inspiration to make that perfect character, scene, or storyline.We tend to use inspiration to write so that we can create something that is perfect (since as writers we tend to be perfectionists). But getting back on topic, inspiration is something that we all need. I tend to think of inspiration as the muse showing us what we have been missing from our lives, or from our writing and she/he says, “You should including this in your story or your writing.”

I tend to be inspired by movies, sometimes an image that comes from listening to music, sometimes games, sometimes reading something. But for the most part, I do use inspiration in my writing. However, the true gift of writing is not letting your readers know what inspired you in your writing. Sometimes, I feel that it is better to give your readers a puzzle after reading what you wrote and having them think about what inspired you to write that scene or that book. Unless you feel so inclined you can tell your readers what was the inspiration for your book.

Granted, there is a double edge sword in doing this, in that yes, we want to tell our readers the story behind the book because we want to connect with them. While at the same time, we want them to connect with the story. The other side of the coin is what happens when we say something inspired the story and they find out the truth about the actual inspiration then we can offend our readers which is something that we should not do. We should always be truthful with our readers about the fiction that we write and about the memoirs that we write as well. Granted, memoirs are a little tricky for the stories that are in memoirs are based on one’s memories, and if the memories that you have of an event are different from others then you will be called out as a fraud or a liar. When in all truth, you did tell the truth but the truth is how you see it.

Inspiration is a wonderful thing to have in our toolbox, what we do with it is up to each of us. The best advice that I can give on using inspiration is to make a list of what inspires you to write and then post that list on the wall above your writing space so that you can look at it and go back to that inspiration in your mind or go find that inspiration again so that you can be taken back to that time and place.

I hope that you will find inspiration in something today for your writing.

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