Romance Subgenre #3 – Paranormal Romance

Of all the subgenres of the romance genre, Paranormal is by far my favorite. The biggest thing with paranormal romances is that you are dealing with witches, angels, vampires, and other supernatural type characters. Granted, some readers have a hard time relating to characters of the paranormal since we do not live their lives or deal with the same problems that an angel might have or a vampire for that matter.

Now when I’m talking vampires, I’m not talking about the version of vampire that we met in the Twilight Saga, I’m talking your typical vampires that are more personified in pop culture, where they do not come out in the sun or they will be turned into dust and then we won’t have a romance.

These romance stories, usually have a human/mortal woman who meets a man that is a supernatural being and they are entered into their world and have to learn not only about the world but the man as well. Granted, in recent times with these type of romances, writers tend to give the supernatural being some sort of backstory that readers can relate to even if they were from old century England or somewhere in Europe.

That’s just one thing that we have to do as writers, creating a backstory for our supernatural character as to how they became a ghost or a vampire. The other part of writing this story is that we have to make them relatable to our readers. Furthermore, we have to make the romance not only possible but give them enough so that we still come out with them having their happy ending. Now granted, not every story has to end with our human character being turned into a supernatural character but we want something that will make sure that they will spend the rest of eternity forever. Whereas with other romances we know in the back of our minds that no one lives forever and that sooner or later that they will end up together in the afterlife but with paranormal romances, we have to make sure that our characters live forever together.

Also when we are writing paranormal romance we do not want to go into gory details but we want to make the biting and such somewhat like what is found in Buffy the Vampire Slayer or some other less gory vampire story. As far as angel stories, I have only run across a few but they in those stories you are dealing with both light and dark angels and one is trying to make sure that the dark does not take their romantic partner.

There are many ways that you can take a story but just remember that you have to make rules as part of your world building and if you break any of your rules, your readers are going to be all over you in a heartbeat. I suggest that you take really good notes.

Also when it comes to young adult romance novels, paranormal romance controls the market over other romances for young adults.

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