Writer’s First Source: Romance Novels

As part of our month-long coverage of the romance genre, the first writer’s first source for this month is romance novels. If you are going to write in the genre, then I suggest that you read a mixture of novels that are in the romance genre. This means anything that appeals to you. Granted, some of the novels that are in the genre are part of a series, some are standalone. If you can find a standalone romance novel then that is where you should start.

The other part of reading romance novels is finding authors that you enjoy reading and that you want to read their other works. This is part of finding your masters that are in your genre. The part with this writer’s first source tip is that you want to study the masters of the craft that you want to pursue.

Granted when you are reading romance novels, you might also want to read some of the novels that are written for young adults, such as Twilight and some other novels that you look at that might intrigue you for the romance part of the book. You should actually read the whole novel so that you can see the good and the bad parts of the book but you want to pay really close attention to the romantic scenes of the book this includes how the sex scenes are written.

But even if you are writing romance, romance novels are a great way to study how characters interact with each other and how they become attracted to one another as well. So there are many things that writers can find when studying romance novels.


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