Romance Subgenre #5 – Erotic Romance

We end this week looking at the final popular subgenre that hit the mainstream a couple of years ago thanks to Fifty Shades of Gray. Here is the truth about this subgenre, you could only buy this subgenre in your bigger bookstores like Barnes and Noble and Borders and also they use to also hold these behind a glass case and at some retailers, you would be carded if you wanted to look at them before you purchased them. Fifty Shades of Grey changed all of that for this subgenre.

The other fact about this subgenre was that on the back cover there used to be a disclaimer that read something like this:


Well, if you look at the erotic romances that come out today there is no more disclaimer and they can now be found at your local grocery stores.

The subgenre has come under the criticism of whether these types of book are porn or is it the details that are in the books that make them so racy. I would argue that the details in the sex scenes and their details in a regular romance novel and turns up the heat like to the really hot scale but I would not necessarily call them porn books.

Also, the love or attraction that are in a regular romance novel is somewhat thrown out the window is used to instead of focusing on the romance of a couple you are more focused on the sex that is in your novel and your character may have one or more partner. The biggest take away with erotic romance novels is that sex sells and the steamier the better, and just like any other romance novel can fall into a subgenre so can erotic romances for I have one that is fantasy-based.

This is a fun genre to read and sometimes fun to write if you are ever bored with writing regular romance novels and want to try something new write a few of these pages turners to see what you can achieve. But as always before diving head into this subgenre, I would suggest that you study the genre and then find a few test readers to see where they would the details in your book and if they would read it. The reason why I say test it out before publishing is that you want to find out if your book really falls into the subgenre. The last thing that you want is for your novel to be smacked with a porn label and that you take things too far. Granted, it will get the label anyway but you want it by critics not by the readers of your genre.

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