Writer’s First Source: Romantic Comedies

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means it’s Writer’s First Source Wednesday and for this addition and keeping up with our Romance theme for the month, we are going to be talking about romantic comedies. I know that these type of films usually get labeled as chick-flicks but there is something to them, especially if they are done right as far as the mixture of the comedy and the romance. The one mast to romantic comedies was Peter Marshall.

Pere Marshall directed Pretty Women and Runaway Bride. He also directed The Princess Diaries, which in a way has some of the romantic comedy elements in it, even though, it is more of a coming out story it still has some romance in it.  The other biggest romantic comedy of all time in terms of box numbers was My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is humorous and light and at the end, she gets the man of her dreams while dealing with her rather large, greek family. Granted, the sequel nor the television series panned out as well as the movie but still, the movie set the bar.

When looking for romantic comedies to use as inspiration for your writing, the key is that you want to look for films that set the bar at the time that they were made. They are films that we go to over and over again. Another one that I’m going bring up even though it is geared more towards young adults but can still be enjoyed by adult audiences is Ten Things That I Hate About You.

Before you downgrade it for being another Shakespeare adaptation let me start by saying yes, it’s another Shakespeare adaptation. I admit it that it is an adaptation of Taming of the Shrew but this film is still relevant for today’s audiences and it does on numerous occasions makes fun that Shakespeare is definitely apart of this film. I recommend this film not just because it’s Shakespeare but because it shows how you can laugh about high school and all the different groups that were in high school that we hated while seeing two unlikely characters go for one another and in the end up together and the poem at the end is also beautiful and well written.

I would suggest make a list of 10 romantic comedies that you have seen over and over again and list out why you come back to them and how you can use some of the methods for your writing it’s a fun little exercise.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s First Source: Romantic Comedies

  1. 10 Things I Hate About You is one of my favorites! It is definitely made for modern audiences, as in The Taming of the Shrew the “shrew” actually ends up being tamed :-/ Not so much with Kat Stratford. She still ends up honoring herself while being in love.

    The ’90s were great for rom coms. 10 Things, Never Been Kissed, Kate & Leopold (2001), The Wedding Singer, Fools Rush In… so many cute movies 🙂

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