Disney’s Romeo and Juliet (1998)

I want to start this post by saying that if the Lion King is Disney’s adaptation of Hamlet, then it can be easily said that Lion King‘s sequel, Simba’s Pride, is Disney’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. Simba’s Pride has all the possible elements that make Romeo and Juliet be Romeo and Juliet. We have the star-crossed lovers, the feuding families/lion prides, and we have death.

Granted, this is one of the few adaptations that have our star-crossed lovers surviving the whole story and granted one side of the battle loses more members than the other but that is also because we have the overall telling of good versus evil. Granted, this being a Disney film there is not too much darkness for this is geared towards children.

But it does pick up from where the original story ends, so then Disney in being creative went from creating Hamlet to making it’s sequel be another Shakespeare adaptation, Romeo and Juliet. This is in our personal opinion, very clever in them trying to keep one of the inspirations for the Lion King intact for the sequel. Granted, looking at the newest installment of the Lion King saga, The Lion Guard really does not keep with this tradition, which is a great shame when they had a way to make Shakespeare accessible to young children without making it seem that they are watching Shakespeare.

So this ends our look at the known adaptations of Romeo and Juliet. I hope that you have enjoyed this week as much as we have.


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