Thoughts on Recent Events


There comes a time in every story, whether it is romantic or not, when we must face tragedy. I’m not just talking about the tragedy that is of Romeo and Juliet but greater and more emotional tragedies. I don’t normally talk about politics or current affairs on this blog but today, I’m going to digress and say that while we were focusing on romance even on Valentine’s Day, there was a great tragedy that took place. The tragedy that affected the innocence.

While we can argue that Juliet was an innocent rose, we can also say that the 17, who perished in the tragic event of last week on Valentine’s Day were also innocent. While the world focused or rather turned it’s attention to Florida, one thought crept through my mind and that was “Why today? Why now?”

As writer’s we are told that when we start writing our stories that we have to look at the “Why today? Why now? ” question and for me, the answer for last week did not even reach my mind. Let’s like with any tragic event that unfolds across our television screens, our smartphones, we instantly go to these questions. Of course, we get other answers as who or what caused the devastation of so many lives. But we never get the answer to the why now or why today question. Whereas when we write a story we can answer these questions but with real life we never do.

I’m not trying to make a mockery of the school shooting in Florida, but as writer’s we try to lend our voice to these events so that not only us but our readers can also understand what we are going through when we see these tragedies unfold. I can remember being 11 years old when Columbine happened, and I can remember going to a movie when Sandy Hook took place and feeling bad that on a day that started out normal and a day when I planned on going to a movie. But when I came out of the movie, which was an escape I find out that there was another tragic shooting just before Christmas. There is no sense in it all.

I agree that it’s time that there was better regulation on guns and that school tragedies need to stop, but as a writer, I feel that it is time that we also use our gift to let our leaders know that enough is enough and that it is time that they take action or they should leave their jobs before more innocent lives end as a result of a disturbed individual. But I also agree that investigators also dropped the ball on this one and this could have been avoided if they had done their job. But to ignore this incident or any other school shooting is a mistake.

“Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” That’s what Jesus said on the cross before he died. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” While I’m not a religious person I feel that we ask this question over and over again of “Why God?” We are told that God works in mysterious ways but I don’t think that this should be considered a mysterious occurrence. I mean that we should take a moment and say prayers and give comfort to those that are suffering this time of tragedy but at the same time, we should ask our leaders what are they going to do in the wake of this tragedy to end this cycle that should not be part of our daily occurrence.

I already said this but enough is enough. Yes, it has been said that we enter the same cycle with these tragic massive casualty events but this time the line has been crossed and the line needs to be mended and reforge to say never again and to ask our leaders why have they forsaken us?

The article that I wrote on the tragedy in Florida can be on on the Swamp.

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