Occupations in Romance

While we continue our discussions on romance and romantic fiction, I thought that I would spend today talking about making the right relationship choices for your characters. When we look at our characters, we think about their physical traits such as eye color, hair color, height, weight and we think about their other attributes such as age, how they speak, if they are heroes or villains. But the one attribute that is rarely touched upon is their occupations.

Occupations come in very handy, especially when you are talking about romance. Granted, for the most part, writers tend to put the job on the male side then the female side and that is because depending on the job of the male character sets the genre of the novel. So for instance, if your male character is a vampire, then we know that it is going to be a paranormal romance. If your male character is a spy/detective then the genre is going to be thriller/action romance. But when we start looking at the female characters they can be whatever they want as long as it fits with the male counterpart.

I read one romance novel where the female character was an art dealer (boring right) but when you add in the male character who is an international spy then the boring female art dealer is then taken on a whirlwind adventure that you never thought that an art dealer would be going on.  The point is that if your female character has that boring, snoozefest of a job or life, and we match them with a male character that you would never think that they would be together then you make her life more thrilling and then the relationship gets juicy. Granted, we can not forget that there will be tension but at some point, she will develop feelings for her.

When we are writing romance, for the most part, our readers are going to be females who feel that their life needs a little kick and the best way that they get it is through our characters. So we want our readers to relate to our characters on some level but we also want to take those characters out of their norm and give them an experience that will make them work for that happy ending. It’s sort of like the reward for the hard work. We should also want the readers to feel the same way after they read our work they should be rewarded with a happy ending at the end of the novel.

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