Things to Think about when it comes to your Book

This morning, I got a call from a publisher, granted I signed up on the sight for information about a couple of years ago. Let’s preface this conversation, with at the time that I signed up it was way before I had any of the knowledge that I have now. Anyways, I was talking about The Raven Prophecy, and where I was currently in the story, and I gave all the details of how many pages I had so far, the word count etc.

Also, I talked about the premises of the book and where it came from, how it started and the first thing that he said, “You sound like you are going for a series and you have some interesting detail.” Granted, I never thought that The Raven Prophecy could be a series, but I guess if I had to depend on the length of the book, I could make it into a series.

Then we started talking numbers, and this gave me some more things to think about in terms when it comes to my book. Granted, at some point, I would have to pay for an editor, which I already knew that part of the equation. Then there is the design of the book, which I pretty much have made as I went along as I was typing/writing the story.

There is just a part of me that wants to go, here I have done part of the work just help me out to get to where it is polished. I know that from publishers, the point of view is that there is a lot that goes into a book from the typeface, fonts, size of fonts, book size, type of paper, etc. I mean this is also things that we as self-publishers also have to keep in mind, which to a point I have.

Granted, the submission rules are totally different went seeking an agent/ traditional publisher, and if I was going down that way I would have to change how my manuscript feels and looks. But I’m not quite ready to go down that road since this book is like my baby.

Granted, like a baby it has taken me time to get to this point in the story and writing it and maturing it. I guess that I’m not quite to the point when I’m ready to let it out into the world and allow it to fly. Yes, I know sooner or later, it will need to take wings and fly but its just not right now

I’m having fun writing the book, and that is something we as all writers should be experiencing as we take pen to paper or fingers to keyboard as we dream about someday having our manuscript published. But as we dream we don’t think about the hurdles that we will have to deal with as we work and think about our dreams, for that is the part that we don’t want to think about, such as the possible rejection or the cost that comes with our baby.

But should we have to think about the cost that will come when we are already putting so much into it? I mean really think about, we have already poured breath, sweat, tears and maybe some blood into the soul of the book. However, as of today I will put a bit more of myself into my book and keep dreaming about being published and finding my book on the shelves of a bookstore.

The Troubles That Come with Being a Writer

Yesterday, while I was working on The Raven Prophecy, which I’m like two pages away from being on page 200, I received a call from a writing buddy of mine, who asked me to come meet them for a discussion about my book and their book. They wanted a second pair of eyes to look at it. I agreed to this meeting of the minds, and while we were talking about some of the difficulties that he was having with his story, I addressed some of the difficulties that I was having while writing The Raven Prophecy. He expressed his surprise for he thought that I had it all figured out and was on such a role.

I agreed with him to a point, until I stated that there were some of the finer details of the inner workings that were giving me trouble. He agreed with that point when I started pointing them out to him, then he stated that he figures that all writing projects can give writers their own share of troubles.

As he put it we have trouble with our characters doing what we want them to, we have troubles with trying to make sure that our story goes where we want it to go, we have troubles with finding the balance between the details and the other parts that go into a story. At the same time, we are trying to keep up with tenses, and the other rules that come with writing a novel.

I told him that while I agreed with him on that aspect of writing, but it is what also makes writing fun. He agreed with me up until he said as writers we should not be torturing ourselves with the craft that we enjoy so much. But I said to him, “But to be an artist means that we must suffer.”

That’s when he thought that we should change the subject and talk about book covers. Is problem is that he enjoys looking at them but he has a hard time making them, whereas he pointed out I don’t have much of a hard time doing it based on the previously drafted covers for The Raven Prophecy.

Then when I admitted that I was working on the back cover and the spine for the book, he rolled his eyes and asked me to show it too him. I did and he said that I should post it out there so that again it can be gazed upon. But when I told him that I made a promise he said just put it out there.

So as he has requested here is the full design cover that I worked on last night, which still has some tweaks that need to be made:

Full book cover

Another Update on The Raven Prophecy

At the end of last week, I gave a current update on how The Raven Prophecy was going and on that day I was at page 150. Well, as of today I’m almost at page 200. Yeah, those fifty pages went rather quickly to include a couple of extensive writing of the passages of the one religion that is part of the focus of the book.

Let me start by saying that while I was creating it and writing about, I was having fun doing it.  But after spending all day Friday writing it, I was exhausted by the end of the day.  I was overjoyed beyond belief to be exploring writing as I have never done before. Although, if I ever created the chances again to explore this sort of thing, I would be more than up for the challenge.

Then on Saturday, the day after I was writing about religion that is in the world of The Reaven Prophecy, I went back to what we were talking about romance and I included a very extensive scene of love-making between two of my characters. Again it was very much exciting for me to explore what I have read from others that have written romance and be able to correlate it within the breadths of what I’m writing.

To say that I’m feeling newly energized is an understatement for I’m feeling like I’m breathing life into the very soul of my book. Granted, this book, as I have said before, has been a work in progress for the last fourteen years but I’m feeling that I can accomplish what I want for this piece of work.

I’m feeling excited to see where this work takes the written word and my knowledge about writing, which is one of the many joys that a writer can get from writing.


Update on the Raven Prophecy

First, I must apologize for not posting anything is past week on here, but I have a really good reason and that is that I have been enthralled in working on The Raven Prophecy. Yes, for most of this week I have been working a great deal on The Raven Prophecy to include I made a major milestone of making it to page 150 and over on my current version of my manuscript.

This includes inducting some points from previous drafts of the novel, but now that I have finished with that major task, now it is writing and making notes on the draft going forward.

I feel right now that I’m making strides in the manuscript and am pleased with where I am currently. The novel is far from complete for it is still a work in progress. Granted, I know at some point that I should start thinking about Camp Nanowrimo, which is next month, but even with camp upon us, I am still going to be taking that month to work on The Raven Prophecy.

I know usually when I post an update on the novel, there is also a new cover design but I must say as of right now, I have no desire to create a new cover. But if there should be a new cover design will post it here first. However, as of right now I don’t need a new cover for The Raven Prophecy.

Although, I will post this right now, that I feel that I’m working towards my goal of having a completed first draft of the novel before the end of this year. But to make that a reality I have to stay on top of it and part of my goal for today is to continue writing and working on my novel.


The Problems with the Lion Guard

The first Friday of March has arrived and this weekend is the Oscars. One month ago we were getting ready for the Super Bowl. Man, does time fly and but this is all for not. Lately, like this past week, I’ve been taking care of my nephew, who has been under the weather. But while I’ve been taking care of him I have been watching one of his favorite shows The Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard if you did not know is the latest take or installment on The Lion King saga. The Lion King, which I have referred to as Disney’s Hamlet has a new installment, which is not based on any work of Shakespeare, for it is own story with some of the original characters like Simba and Nala. Well, lately they have been going down the storyline that Scar, Simba’s uncle, was brought up back to “life” although his life is just merely living as smoke and fire in a volcano.

Does this remind anyone of anything of a villain, who is not like their former self? Let’s say Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter or Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. However, Lord Voldemort became much like his former self once he had help from a former servant to make him hole again, the issue with Scar is that his minions, the hyenas in the Lion Guard, who are not the original hyenas, either forgot or were never told that Scar sort of betrayed them by saying that they were the ones that had the original plot to murder Mufasa and Simba.

I get that this a show geared towards children, but as an adult watching this I’m going where there things missing from the hyenas’ folklore such as Scar is not be trusted because of x, y, and z. Or was in the hyenas’ mind like “Scar is dead no need to tell our future generations of what he did.” I mean something is amiss.

Granted, Simba as King exiled a lot of herds such as the hyenas and Scar’s pride, which was the story behind Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, and since he exiled them they want revenge against Simba and the royal family. I get it Simba was betrayed by his uncle, who was supposed to take care of him in the event that anything happened to his mother or father, but instead, his uncle plotted to murder Mufasa and him. But on the other hand, you would have better relationships if you have had made amends with those. Granted, they were probably loyal to Scar more than Simba but now you are teaching the next generation to do the same thing.

I get it the Pride Lands are for the “good animals” that respect the circle of life and the Outlands, or the shadowy place is for the “bad animals.” But when watching this show, in your adult mind you’re thinking, “So Simba you banished those loyal to Scar, are you going to banish your son for accidentally bringing back forth your uncle, who currently resides as smoke and flame in a volcano?”

I mean the question has to ask and it needs to be answered, because if you forgive him then somewhere he will have to forgive those that were at one point loyal to Scar. Just saying. I mean as an adult watching this, I’m going what are you going to say when the kids watching now get older, that we left plot holes or we were never going to go that far with the story. Sorry, for me that is not the answer as a writer. As writer’s, we are told that we have to make our readers satisfied with the outcome of the story and I’m hoping that there is a great outcome coming from The Lion Guard to live up to its predecessor The Lion King, and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.