The Problems with the Lion Guard

The first Friday of March has arrived and this weekend is the Oscars. One month ago we were getting ready for the Super Bowl. Man, does time fly and but this is all for not. Lately, like this past week, I’ve been taking care of my nephew, who has been under the weather. But while I’ve been taking care of him I have been watching one of his favorite shows The Lion Guard.

The Lion Guard if you did not know is the latest take or installment on The Lion King saga. The Lion King, which I have referred to as Disney’s Hamlet has a new installment, which is not based on any work of Shakespeare, for it is own story with some of the original characters like Simba and Nala. Well, lately they have been going down the storyline that Scar, Simba’s uncle, was brought up back to “life” although his life is just merely living as smoke and fire in a volcano.

Does this remind anyone of anything of a villain, who is not like their former self? Let’s say Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter or Sauron in the Lord of the Rings. However, Lord Voldemort became much like his former self once he had help from a former servant to make him hole again, the issue with Scar is that his minions, the hyenas in the Lion Guard, who are not the original hyenas, either forgot or were never told that Scar sort of betrayed them by saying that they were the ones that had the original plot to murder Mufasa and Simba.

I get that this a show geared towards children, but as an adult watching this I’m going where there things missing from the hyenas’ folklore such as Scar is not be trusted because of x, y, and z. Or was in the hyenas’ mind like “Scar is dead no need to tell our future generations of what he did.” I mean something is amiss.

Granted, Simba as King exiled a lot of herds such as the hyenas and Scar’s pride, which was the story behind Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, and since he exiled them they want revenge against Simba and the royal family. I get it Simba was betrayed by his uncle, who was supposed to take care of him in the event that anything happened to his mother or father, but instead, his uncle plotted to murder Mufasa and him. But on the other hand, you would have better relationships if you have had made amends with those. Granted, they were probably loyal to Scar more than Simba but now you are teaching the next generation to do the same thing.

I get it the Pride Lands are for the “good animals” that respect the circle of life and the Outlands, or the shadowy place is for the “bad animals.” But when watching this show, in your adult mind you’re thinking, “So Simba you banished those loyal to Scar, are you going to banish your son for accidentally bringing back forth your uncle, who currently resides as smoke and flame in a volcano?”

I mean the question has to ask and it needs to be answered, because if you forgive him then somewhere he will have to forgive those that were at one point loyal to Scar. Just saying. I mean as an adult watching this, I’m going what are you going to say when the kids watching now get older, that we left plot holes or we were never going to go that far with the story. Sorry, for me that is not the answer as a writer. As writer’s, we are told that we have to make our readers satisfied with the outcome of the story and I’m hoping that there is a great outcome coming from The Lion Guard to live up to its predecessor The Lion King, and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride.

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