Fight for your Write

I know the last few posts have all been about writers conferences, so I thought that today I would do something a little bit different, and talk about the bic pen company’s latest campaign, Fight for your Write.

The Fight for your Write campaign is all about saving hand writing and to let children know about the joys and benefits that come from handwriting. As I writer, I totally agree with their mission especially after looking at some of the facts that they list on their website.  The two that stood out to me the most is that only 12% of teachers in the United States took a college course on how to teach handwriting, and the other is that 33% of college students are unprepared to write a college level. Granted there is a third and this some is really shocking, and that is 75% of American students from grades 4-12 are writing below their respective grade level on national exams.

Granted, the bigger force at work on this issue is that schools are getting away from teaching cursive handwriting, but why? I mean cursive can be beautiful when it is done patiently and thoughtfully. Yes, there is something to be said for print hand writing as well, but cursive makes you pay attention to very detail that goes into it each letter. I remember being a young child and looking at cursive writing and I couldn’t wait to learn, which was in the fourth grade.

Nowadays that isn’t the case. Why? The answer that comes up on this issue is that it takes too much time and energy. But if the art of handwriting goes away then so does the way of the pen. I know that writing on keyboards are paving the way for technology to become our children’s futures but isn’t that part of a bigger issue as well? Granted, I enjoy being on the computer, although, holding that pen or pencil for the first time is an extraordinary thing when you see what can be done with the art of writing.

Yes, I signed the petition and the reason for that is that for most of us growing up our first pens and pencils came from bic. Not Papermate, not some other company but bic. Yes, there are some that might say that bic is trying to save their company from bankcruptcy if the pen goes away, but I think that there is more too it.

I think that when we use the pen, our brain is set free because let’s all face it for without having that pen or pencil put in our hands we wouldn’t have wanted to become writers. Part of bic’s campaign they are stating that handwriting can make better readers, boost confidence and creativity. I agree with this but I will also say that it will make us want to dream for better futures.

If you agree with this campaign, then please, support the cause and sign their pledge.

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