Disconnecting the Network of Possibility

This morning, while I didn’t have any network and while most of us would have died at the thought. But instead, I took the time to create a powerpoint presentation. On that presentation, I really thought about what my vision, my mission, my goals for all things that are for my company. Granted, I was only thinking about my company and this dream that I have to help not only myself but other writers as well with their aspirations for their own works of writing.

My biggest takeaway from this exercise is that, while there were a couple, is that when we take away the connection that we have to the rest of world, we are able to do incredible things. We can use the tools that we have at our fingertips and we can use the tools that we were told that we have since we were children. Not to take things down the road that says we can do anything when we use our imagination. But it’s totally true.

Using your imagination can pave the way for great things to be created and for things to come. As writers, we are told that the biggest tool that can do so many incredible things is our imagination. It is with us for all of our lives. It’s awoken when we get inspired, and it keeps going and going like our heart and our brain. Now granted, there are those that say that there is a muse that feeds our imagination and that is how we know that he or she is there guiding us. I’m not going to say that there is no such thing as a muse, but we don’t find out about the muse until we are older.

If you think about it and concentrate on it, we are told about imagination, dreams, and heart. Then we are older that message continues and then the muse is added to the mix. But if we truly believe in the power of the muse, then wouldn’t it be added to the mix like saying that the muse gives live or feeds our imagination or our dreams and that is what gives both a heart and a soul to everything that we create or write.

While I was working on the powerpoint presentation of nine slides, the one thing that came to find is that I know what my message is and how I want to continue to spread it. The message is simple and it goes back to my logo for Moonspinner3 Books. I want to great magic, I want to use my imagination and I want to be creative. While doing all of this I can great, I can write, I can grow, and I can inspire.

So why don’t we all take a little bit of time to disconnect from the network and think about what we are able to do with one single spark of inspiration. I hope that this helps make you have a great writing day!


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