More on the topic of Research

Happy Sunday everyone! Yes, the full moon is happening right now, but depending on where you are at Mars is also visible. Yes, the planet Mars. But all of that aside let’s talk about something that is a bit different on the subject of writing.

Today’s topic is about research. We are told that when we are working out projects, that we all need to do some research. This means reading and sometimes taking notes. But what if you are writing fantasy, do you still need to do research?

Some people would say yes, and I would have to agree although it is not the same amount of research that goes into some other genres of fiction. When we research for writing fantasy, we should be researching magical creatures. What type of world are building, the society that our characters live in. The rules that they must abide by.  It’s more of a soul journey in our research than anything else.

Now when doing the research for our projects, the best suggestion that I have for keeping the notes in one spot is to get a notebook, spiral or otherwise and put all of your notes in there. Then anytime that you need to reference something it is in that notebook. You can later add taps and things so that you can mark where the important information is that you need to find quickly.

Does this mean that if you are a panser that you have to give that up for the sake of research? No, it just means that if you want to be a smart writer then you have to put a little bit research into your process. Granted, if you are plotter then doing research is already right up your alley for you have everything outlined and you’ve added where the research is going to come in handy and such.

Granted, most writing guide books talk about research but they don’t go into what genres should really focus on research and which ones that you can sort of wing it. That is bad in my opinion for if an aspiring writer wants to go somewhere with their writing career then they should be given more guidance than just plain statements like, “go out and do research.” That does not go over what sort of research should be done or where writers should go to for obtaining the information that they need for their novel.

Here is a list of sources that I find helpful:

  • Movies
  • Television Shows (ie Documentaries)
  • Historical books – non fiction
  • Writing guides on your genre
  • Places and things

Your list may be different from mine, but you can add to it for whatever works for you. I hope that as always you find this helpful during your writing. Have a wonderful writing day!

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