The End of a Legacy…The Originals

theoriginalsLast week The Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals came to an end on the CW network. While I was not a fan of the original series, I was a fan of The Originals. The story focused on the Mikaelson clan, who were the original vampires of New Orleans. Granted, this story was more than just being about vampires for it had mortals, werewolf, and witches. I enjoyed this show for the rich element of the story telling, the dialogue, and the characters. While there are those, that are going to say, “Really, like we needed another vampire story.” I would say, “Sure for not every vampire story is like Twilight or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

I would never throw Buffy and it’s spin-off Angel under the bus, for I was a huge fan of both of these shows. While Twilight has taken it’s own heat for several things, I’m not going to do that either, for the prime focus is to talk about The Originals. The Originals was more than just being about vampires or werewolves or even magic, it’s about family.

The legacy of keeping family together, even when the fights were ugly and tough. It was about sticking together and to keep the promise of always and forever going no matter what. The show was not the only draw, but there was also the season teasers that were shown at San Diego’s Comic Cons. They had the best music and while they showed scenes from past seasons but they got you caught up in the story and made you want for that next season to start again sooner rather than later.

But the one shining light that The Originals have come to an end, is that we are given an other spin-off from the Vampire Diaries, and that is Legacies. The trailer shows us that we are taken of the magic school known as the Salvator School of the Young and Gifted. While I can’t wait to see the big draw of this drama. However, the one thing that is still upsetting is the ending of The Originals.

While this show was not always about happy endings, but we it expected it for these characters, so that the shows words could last long. Always and Forever is not as what it seems since two of the show’s characters were killed in the end. Not to give anything away but it left viewers wondering, what? how? why? Granted, as some of the cast put it the series, while it lasted five years showcased the end of the Mikaelson family and the start of the next generation. While, we lost a lot of characters through out the show, it was just enough to hope that the characters are at peace and maybe their legacy is what drives the force that comes with always and forever and that could be the driving force for Legacies.

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