Unboxing from Vista Print…Swag

There is nothing like getting home and finding a box with your name on it. Yup, I’m doing an un-boxing blog about what I got from Vista Print. Yes, I ordered what I got, but I must say that I’m pretty happy with everything that was in the box, for everything turned out so well. I’m extremely happy with how everything turned out.

So before I get into the actual un-boxing, let me preface this post with that I put this package together not with Faerie Rose Press in mind, but Moonspinner3 Books. That’s right Moonspinner3 Books and the why is simple for it was when I was really diving into what do I want for Moonspinner3 Books and the answer was simple, and that was to make it look, feel and smell like a parent company. So with all of this in mind, I created business cards, a t-shirt, a notebook, a mouse pad, a baseball hat, and wait for it a coffee mug.

Let’s first star with the important aspect of any business that you essentially need and that is a business card. Business cards are the number one way to getting your info out there to your contacts and connections that you meet along the way. The business card that I designed is a double sided, rounded-edge card. The front of the card has a logo and I formatted it to where it pop up. I also included a gloss finished to the cards. I’m extremely happy with how these puppies turned out.







The next item that I’m going to talk about is the most essential tool that every writer needs and that is a notebook. I must say that I’m happy with the cover. It has the cover in the middle of the notebook and its a spiral, with lined pages inside. I’m so happy that I designed and received this notebook that I can’t wait to use it.


I know that the picture doesn’t give a full size view of the notebook, but it’s a fair size to use for packing around.




The next two items is the hat and the t-shirt. Granted, I know that I should have made the logo bigger on the hat, but for my first time designing a hat and not knowing what I was doing, that will go under the heading of lessons learned. As for the t-shirt, I’m happy to say that I’m already wearing it. The size of the logo is one to say that you can’t miss it, if you see it. But I’m proud to wear this shirt for it’s my business and I’m so proud of this logo and everything that I want to do with my business.

WIN_20180818_12_47_26_Pro WIN_20180818_12_49_42_Pro

The next two items are things that I wanted for one, and neither one has disappointed. The first is the one for the computer, and that is my newest mouse pads. Let me preface this with, I have always have had a love for mouse pads. So don’t be surprise if there are mouse pads in the future for The Raven Prophecy, or Ravages of Time.


Then finally, last and definitely worth the wait, the coffee cup. Let me preface this that I don’t normally drink coffee, but it will still work well for hot chocolate. This is also something that I can use on my desk when I’m writing. It will be well used and well loved that is for sure.


I’m so proud and glad that they came, and they were so worth the wait. Furthermore, I can’t wait to get some more stuff from Vista Print. That with my box they had a post card for what they are calling a subscription box called, The Promotion Box. It’s a monthly subscription, where they will package promotional items based on the information that you provide them for your business. This one is one that I’m actually thinking of doing.

I know that this post has more to do with a package of what I received then writing, and while most times these types of things are found on YouTube, I thought that I would try a blog post instead. That is until I get my YouTube channel back up and running.

Thank you, for reading and I hope that you if are looking for promotional material for your books, you might look at Vista Print even though there are others out there. But Vista Print is the one that is most known.

I hope that you have a great writing day!

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