It’s Time for the Castle Rock Writer’s Conference…and other topics

Tonight is the official start of the Castle Rock Writer’s Conference for 2018. I’m so happy to say that at last and to say that I’m ready and glad to be attending the conference once again. This is my fourth time attending the conference and am so happy to be doing so. If you are in the Denver, CO area and want to attend there is still time to register. I have included the link to the conference information.

I will be attending the conference event tonight and then the next day is the start of the actual conference. I know that I’ve mentioned this event on here a lot but it is really a great conference and you learn so much from local writers. If you have registered for the event I will see you there.

Now on to other topics…

This past week, the new television season has kicked off, and I’m so happy to see what stories the shows writers have in store for all of us. Granted, there is not so much fantasy in the lineup for it all realistic dramas. I can live for towards the end of the television cycle year, there should be Game of Thrones coming back (I hope).

In other gears for us writers, we are starting to get ready for NaNoWriMo, for most of us we use the month of October to plan and to get prepared for the 50 thousand word challenged for 30 days. While most of us tackle new projects, there are also a few of us that take on the working with a continuing project. This year, I’m taking one a new project. I know that I probably shouldn’t but I’m learning with each new project, I learn something new about what is possible about the writing process and what is possible with the usage of words.

Granted, as I was doing research for this post I’m finding that there is a lot of prep that writers are doing for this month to include making personal workbooks. While others put so much pressure onto themselves about trying to complete their NaNoWriMo projects, I feel that it should be taken just like any other writing project. That includes no stress and putting no pressure on oneself when they are working on their project.

Yes, we should take the time to plan and or if flying off the seat of your pants is more your thing, then due a little pit of planing and have it take off at the stroke of midnight on October 31, which falls on a Wednesday this year.

I can’t wait for the challenge once again, but my motto is not to stress about it. I mean just think about this for a minute, for when we stress we are putting out our best work. Granted, NaNoWriMo is about writing a first draft, but we should still put our best work and our best lines of writing.

Just also keep in mind, when working on NaNoWriMo, we have an election, veteran’s day, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. There is one in there that is about taking time for family, food and be thankful for all the things that are in our lives. But before, that we have Halloween and must prework that is to be had. But please, take my word for it in that stress should not be part of the equation.

Breath, write and create. Keep that in mind as you are preworking and writing during the challenge. I hope that you have found this helpful when working on your writing on this day.

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