Looking at a Great List of Wizards and Witches

We are just two days away from the start of NaNoWriMo, but first let’s celebrate with Halloween. While most of us think of Halloween as a time to dress up, let our hair hang lose, and to crash our diets. But for some of us, Halloween is a time to celebrate the magic that has made many of us become fans of witches, wizards and the alike. I am for one a fan of many witches and wizards and each one takes on the persona to a different level. Therefore, I’m using today to count down by favorite witches, wizards and other magical creatures. Harry Potter is no listed below, for every one knows a great deal about Harry Potter.

merlinI’m starting with Merlin. Okay, before you shun this choice, Merlin was probably the first wizard that many of us heard of. There have been many different versions of Merlin over the years, and these versions go from the goofy Merlin with the long white beard, and a talking owl to a young Merlin following through on his destiny to protect the once and future king, Arthur Pendragon. I for on enjoyed the Merlin from the Sword in the Stone, but the one that I really did Merlin right, was Sam Neil in the mini-series, Merlin. Sam Neil’s Merlin, was not only able to cast magic with his hands, but he also carried the feather coat well as he fought the magical witch, Queen Mab (yes, she is also on this list). Merlin was a story about good and evil, for sure, but it also showed us that Merlin was no cheep conjurer of cheep tricks.

mabNow on to Queen Mab, from the mini-series, Merlin. Queen Mab gave the persona of what it means to be a bad witch, and what it means to own the mark. Mab had her henchmen, Frik, who was not only comic relive but was also willing to do her bidding and was loyal to her for a great many years, until he wanted love before her. Mab was determined to get what she wanted, in order to avoid her fear of being forgotten. Mab was the first character that we met in the series, and in the begging we understood what she stood for, and what she wanted to avoid. She had needs and wants, and she showed how far she would go at Merlin’s expense to get what she wanted, and never mind her husky voice, or her cool make-up, Mab was a fantastic bad witch.

maleficent.gifI’m continuing on with the bad witch category, by moving on to Maleficent. I love Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. She had a great presence that demanded that you pay attention to her and only her. Let’s face it she was also the first villain that had a theme song, so move over Darth Vader, Maleficent was first. Not only did she have those devil horns that declared respect, but she also had the greatest gown with those deep colors. Maleficent had a great staff, a bet crow, and finally she had the power to become a great, black fire breathing dragon. Yup, that dragon was no slouch either, granted she died in her dragon form, but her anger was enough to show that she was awesome. Now, while the original Maleficent, in the original story book was listed as a faerie, but this Maleficent could be a faerie or a witch, for that part has not been made clear, I’m saying that she is a witch and she was awesome.


While Maleficent, had enough power for one witch, the next set of witches on the list, go under the heading of sister witches. The first set of sister witches, are the beloved Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah, take being brought up from the dead and finishing their unfinished business as nothing more than determined. Granted, Winifred was the brains of the outfit, next to her dimwit sisters, Mary and Sarah, but she was also the most…ugly. Yes, I said it, she was the ugliest of the three and no wonder her lover, Billy Butterson went to making out with Sarah. While each had their own set of powers, the only way that Winifred was magically strong willed, was with the help of her spell book, Sarah had her siren voice, and Mary had the power of smell. These sister have lasted over the years are a favorite due to their working team work, and loyalty to one another and you don’t need a lucky rat tail to know that one.

The last witch that or wizard that I’m going to add to my list, is Miracle Max and his wife,princessbride_valerie-miraclemax Valerie, from the Princess Bride. Miracle Max was only in a portion of the film, but lets face it his chocolate dipped magic pill, worked quickly and without error. Yes, Wesley couldn’t get up right away, but he was a life again after having thousands of lives sucked out of him. Max was funny and charming and he was evenly matched with his wife, Valerie. While it wasn’t clear if she had magic, but given that she’s married Miracle Max, she must have a little bit of magic. But these two are one to remember given that she called him a liar, and he called her a witch. Now while they didn’t leave to storm the castle, they show that there is not a better married witch couple then these two.

While there are others that I could include on this list, I think that these witches and wizards are on the list being remembered along with the likes of Harry Potter and his wizardly class. If you any that you would like to add to the list, just comment down below.

I hope that you have a great writing day!



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