Exercise: Writing a Letter to Your Novel

Can you believe that we are on day five of NaNoWriMo? I know the writing is sure flying. I’m currently at 10,830 words or about 15 pages. That is where The Bird that Sings currently sits as of yesterday.

Enough about NaNoWriMo for a moment. Let us put our hair out and let’s have some fun. Everyone once a while during the lure that is NaNoWriMo, you must also take time to take our of yourself. I know how can I say that when tomorrow in the United States we have Election Day? Well, it is quite easy. While there are various elections being run across the United States, the results will probably either come out tomorrow or it will take a couple days. However, it takes a while for those results to take effect such as January 1, 2019. There I said, changes will not take place over night.

So for once let’s let it out. Let’s have some meaningful fun. No, I don’t mean go hog while and paint the town red. But rather, if you need to take a moment to get focused, you can write a letter. Not just any letter, but a letter addressed to your novel. You heard write, a letter to your novel. I ran across this exercise a while back and I have tried it once. The first thing that this exercise does is it allows to you address your thoughts on what your goals are for this novel. The second thing that this letter allows you do is to jot down your ideas on what is going to happen.

This is an outline, but rather a free write type of exercise. This allows you to just write down whatever you want. Just make sure that you are addressing it your novel and that you are allowing yourself to have fun with it. Think of it as this is your private letter and you can say whatever you want in the letter. If you feel so inclined after you write the letter, send it yourself. Then when you get in the mail, you could be surprised when you receive it in the mail.

The other thing that you could do with your letter, is put it in an envelope and put it some where safe and secure. Then after you finish the first draft of your novel, pull out the letter and read it, before you start reading that first full draft of your novel. While I have not yet written a letter for The Bird that Sings, I’m thinking of actually starting it very soon.

As you write the letter remember have fun. You can be serious if you want but try to mix in that bit of fun. Also if you would rather, address the letter to a character in the novel and not the novel itself that is fine too. Just have fun and get some clarity with it. Take your mind off things and just write.

I hope that you all have fun writing day as you continue on with NaNoWriMo!




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