Guess what I got for Christmas?

I hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas, if that is the holiday that you celebrate this time of year. I want to share will all of you one of my Christmas gifts, which all happens to be an investment of sorts for my writing. I got a new desk.

So let me share will all of you the before the new desk photo:


The old desk if you can remember when I posted this picture up originally was made from an old fish tank stand and a piece of wood for the table top. While this worked for a while, there were some issues, such as it was often hard at times to use the keyboard. Therefore, you could say that I outgrew this original setup.

Based on this fact alone, when it came to figuring out what I wanted for Christmas from my parents, I asked for a new desk that was not going to break the bank or be bigger than the space that I already have. Therefore, here is the new desk that I have, so that I can continue on with my writing journey:

new desk

Is it not pretty? Sorry, I am so happy with this new setup, to where I space for my keyboard, the monitor, the mouse and I can breathe, and feel so cramped in, and it also adjustable as far the height, so if I want to make it a stand up desk I am able to do, but I don’t think that I will that much due to the size of the monitor that I use.

While, I am showing up the new desk, when it comes to looking at functional writing desks, or rather computer desks, there are some things to consider. One of those things is are you going to out grow your desk in a year or two? If the answer is yes then you will probably want to look at desk that you could use for years to come.

Another consideration that should be considered is are you going to be comfortable using it? If the answer is no then it’s also not the desk to use. When it came to choosing this particular desk, I actually saw myself using it for years if not months to come. It liked the feel of the desk and the flexibility that came from the design of the desk.

Remember when it comes to picking a desk, it’s all about you as the writer, can you see yourself in front of that desk for hours. Also remember that you are creating an atmosphere where you are going to be writing stories for hours, which also means picking a chair that is also going to be comfortable for hours as well.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and I hope that you have a wonderful writing day!


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