New Logo for Elderwood Publications

Hello and welcome back to my site. Today I want to talk about the change to the logo for Elderwood Publications. As you can see by the site header, there has been a change to logo design for Elderwood Publications. If you can remember the old logo for Elderwood Publications, which was sort of bland and a bit somewhat did not look or give the feel of the other imprint logos. Therefore, a change needed to be made to the logo design. Therefore, I started working on this a while back to make the changes to the logo. So if you need a refresher, here is the old logo design for Elderwood Publications:


When I look at this logo, it was somewhat off from the direction that I took with the other logos. Therefore, a change needed to be made, and so out with the old and in with the new:

Elderwood Publications logo-new-page-001

With this logo, it fully incorporates what would come to mind when someone thinks of Elderwood. A woodness, such as a tree, and I added the antlers in the front with the roses to give it a connection to Faerie Rose Press. Since Faerie Rose Press, was created first in this little publishing world that I have created. I feel that this is more completed design and not just a blank slate as before.

I hope that you like the new design of the logo for Elderwood Publications as I look forward to the new year. I feel that with this logo, it gives a new life and it breathes life into Elderwood Publications that might not have been there before.

I hope that you are excited as I am for the new year and all that will becoming up in the new year. But as I have mentioned before, this site is growing and as I learn new things, there is always a possibility that there will be change. But with out change there can be no room to grow.

Thank you as always for your continued support, if I don’t see you until next year! I hope that you have a happy new year and I hope that you all have a happy writing day!

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