See what good can come from Change

If you haven’t heard by now, then you probably will I have a made a couple of changes in the last few days. This all in part due to me wanting to make my goals obtainable, and to continue saying that I am growing as both as a business and as a writer. Any time that we do something, whether it relates to writing or to another art form, we want to grow as an artist. It just the human nature that we have. It also is away for us to show that we are flexible to changes.

Yes, change is hard to accept, but sometimes change is not always a bad thing for it can also be a good change. But being able to accept the changes to come to us, also shows that we can grow with change as well as expand our knowledge upon our craft. Let’s face it the way that we write today is not the way that we wrote a couple of years ago, or even months ago. This shows that we are adaptable creatures.

Adaptable creatures that can form to the changes or rather the challenges that lay ahead of us. I know that I can not change something of the things that I have done in the past, but I can learn from them and can make a continual effort to show that things are possible once I accept the changes that come into my life, as well as those that I want to make.

One of those changes, is always growing and expanding my knowledge on how I can go about growing my business. Growing my readership. Growing to make not only to make what I want possible, but to also help others achieve what they want possible through the power of writing. Making this happen, granted did not happen overnight. It took months and a couple of years to get to where I am today. But I always try to help others see that writing is a something that we all can master.

Helping others with their craft, is away that not only I can help or rather give back to the community, for there are others that do that as well through whatever platform that they chose. This includes those that use a blog, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social networking platform that is out there free to the public. Yes, there are trolls out there that do nothing but bash and tear down authors. But there are also those out there that are not trolls that want to help others. It’s just that sometimes trolls tend to be a bigger threat and make those that want to do good in our community be overshadowed.

This is a real shame, to see this take place in our community. But this is also something that we have to learn and adapt from, and accept that there are bullies out there just like the ones that we faced as children on the playground. However, as we grew from that past hurt, we can grow from this too and try to make sure that our voices are stronger and louder than their’s. There is power in the community and there is power in our writing. We just have to make the choices to make the changes to make things possible.

Furthermore, when we make things possible, we also see our goals become a reality. Yes, that can be a challenge but it should be a challenge that we fully accept so that we can see what awaits for us on the other side of one challenge. Think of it not just as challenge but as a door. Yes, this has been said before, but when one door closes another opens and when it does we will be accepting of this door and want to take a peek. We are curious creatures after all.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post, and I hope that you will take this in consideration as you continue on your writing journeys. I hope that you have a wonderful writing day!

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