What to get your Valentine, who happens to be a writer?

Yes, another Valentine’s Day is upon us, friends! Although, in the past it has not been my favorite of holidays, but given that so many love this holiday and while I won’t go into my dislike or hatred for the holiday, I will go into giving a few helpful hints for the perfect gifts for those that have Valentine’s that also happen to be writers.

Keep in mind, that chocolates are still essential and maybe flowers or balloons; however, this is for those writers that are near and dear to some people’s hearts.

Now while a notebook or journal maybe be practical gifts, and while they may have a handful of pens and pencils at their side, take these things up a notch by giving them something rare. A leather notebook, which can be found at Barnes & Noble might do the trick and a pen that is hard to find. While some may like the usual ball-point pen, I would suggest either a nice mechanical drafting pencil or a fountain pen perhaps.

This way if they lose them, which we hope never happens, they will ask for your forgiveness down the line.

Other suggestions, that I have for you is more on the technical side, such as a nice USB drive, if your love tends to write everything on the computer rather than pen and paper.

My last few suggestions on the subject are items that can be seen as nice gestures towards your writer friends, such as giving them some writing time, and afterwards rewarding her with a nice, warm bath or soak.

I’ve given suggestions that I have in mind, and the rest is up to you on what you plan for your Valentine.



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